Dogs of VolNation and other pets that are inferior to Dogs


And in that first pic, she almost has The Stare down. ;)
Thank you!

She really has been the best dog. I was very hesitant about huskies due to they can be very needy, loud, and shed like crazy (that part is confirmed - daily vacuuming, at least every couple days brushing). She’s chill, smart and easily trainable. She is vocal, but in a good way. Very loving and affectionate.

What better person to name her after than Pat Summitt? Plus, it just sounds like a fitting and proper name for the breed.
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They do a volunteer week at our work every year. Stuff like nursing home, reading to kids at school, soup kitchen, and animal shelter. You volunteering helps increase your bonus, so most people do something. I'm going to the animal shelter Tuesday afternoon for a while. It's going to be interesting to come home to Cocoa with all the dogs smell on me 🤣
This time of year the sun shines into our bathroom just right for Bailey to enjoy some rays.
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Have one of our cat Tootsie catching some rays when she came to the basement to inspect our work. Who doesn't love a little sunshine!


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Reign (center of picture) is making new friends at training school. She’ll be home next week having gained lots View attachment 593728of confidence and unlearned some bad habits! I don’t think I missed my kids this much when they went off to college, lol!
lol, that's great! What's a GR doing in that mix of guard dogs and one ?hyper cattle dog or sumpin? It looks like it's ready to nap. Reign's the most gorgeous one there, for sure.
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The treatment I got after I got home from the animal shelter. Cocoa has been eyeballing me for an hour 🤣View attachment 593691
I met a lady and her dog at the dog park last week. She wanted me to teach her dog to walk on a leash without pulling. When I got home Bruno took one sniff of my pants and shoes. He was pissed the rest of the night. SMH
Tara Dog is about 80-90% of where she was pre-vestibular. She's walking okay on her own but with the head tilt and occasional bouts of dizzy. But she got abused last night (what she considers a bath) but is enjoying the sunshine today... and rolling around in the leaves and dirt after her bath...


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