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Mar 23, 2011
Tara is way more high class than Cheerios. She prefers string cheese lol

Or wants whatever I'm eating.
Yes! Our vet introduced us to bribing with easy cheese and that's how we get him to take his pills. I'm making tater tots tonight and he is "patiently" waiting.


May 2, 2020
View attachment 403433 View attachment 403434 View attachment 403435 View attachment 403436 View attachment 403433 View attachment 403434 View attachment 403435 View attachment 403436 This one is a downer but since most of you are animal lovers bear with me, I'm posting for a reason.

This was Thaddeus, he came to a rescue of a friend of mine as a severe neglect case. He had major health problems and hooves that were thought to be too far gone, the bone had almost surely grown up and out with his neglected hooves. But when the vet came to her farm for the ultrasound they found very little disfiguration in bone structure which meant he had a chance.

His hooves were trimmed by an expert farrier over the course of two weeks. Because of his poor diet he had some serious health conditions. And after 4 weeks it appeared he was on the mend, then he unexpectedly went down a couple of days ago. Payton did everything she could but Thaddeus' organs and heart shut down.

I'm asking for prayers for Payton, she lost her rescue partner and longtime boyfriend to a car accident a few months ago and she is taking the loss of Thaddeus very hard. She pours everything into these animals. Literally everything she has.

I ask for your prayers and your support for animals. Give to your local rescues, you save lives and give dignity and love to animals who cannot be saved.

If you are moved to do so offer some support our kind words to Christian Farms Rescue Rehab in Erin TN.
Prayers for Payton, and what you do for animals is a true blessing for them.

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Nov 24, 2008
She learned the cheese routine with pills lol

Now I roll it up in a turkey or chicken slice.
For Ash peanut butter worked for a bit, hiding in a piece of beef worked for a bit, but he always figured it out. I ended up having to give him a glass of gatorade with trifexis crushed in it. I had to make that part of his daily routine so he would not learn that everytime he was getting gatorade his pill was in there.
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