Do you Run?……Walk?….Bike?…..Swim?

30k race tomorrow.

Been working on increasing my cadence. The higher the cadence, the more efficient you run. 180 is considered the goal, but unrealistic for most runner. With my height I’m wanted to make incremental improvements with a goal of 170-175.

Here’s a run from a few weeks ago. Followed by a run tonight.

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Also ran into this nonsense
I got 10 of each done. It would have been funny to film myself because I’m sure it would have been funny to watch
Or, I may start bodyflying in the wind tunnel. If I can afford it, that will restore my core and tone every muscle I have.
Good effort in the 30k race this morning. Total time was 4 minutes faster than my last attempt at this race.

Learned a lot of things I can apply to my marathon next month. Chief among them is pace strategy. I definitely pushed harder during the middle of the race than I should have. Worked out fine today, but during the big show, that will wreck my day.

Steps for last week. The one day I was below my goal was because I went straight from work to my garage workout and from there to date night with the wife. Itching to run again but my plantar fascitis isn't fully healed, although it is doing better.


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