Do you Run?……Walk?….Bike?…..Swim?

Anytime you can negative split like that you’re on the verge of big gains. Good for you. Really impressive

I’ve only started Zone 2 HR training for a month or so now.

4 days of zone 2
1 day speed work
1 long run

I kind of don’t like the zone 2 because it doesn’t feel challenging. But, I think it will pay dividends. I also want to work on my cadence.
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Ran my best race ever today. Half marathon. Aimed for a conservative 8:25 pace as I had a bad 10 mile race last month.

Came out the gates around a 8:21 pace. About three miles in felt good but didn’t go crazy. By about 5 miles in I felt like I could hang out closer to my previous PR pace of 8:11. At marker 10 I was at an 8:06 pace and I knew that unless I fell apart, a PR was very likely. Finished up at 8:04 pace with a great kick in the last quarter mile.

Really excited for my 30k in March and my first marathon in April.
Average heart rate of 173 bpm? Holy God!

(For context, my resting heart rate during sleep is 48.)
Average heart rate of 173 bpm? Holy God!

(For context, my resting heart rate during sleep is 48.)

Yeah, a bit high isn’t it? My resting HR is 53.

The average bpm for that run was high. But it got the job done. Hopefully the slower marathon pace will keep me south of 170 on average. I also want to get a chest strap to measure HR. The wrist based can be inaccurate.

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Well, I'm taking some time off running to hopefully heal the plantar fascitis in my left foot. Just walking and stretching as my cardio for a couple weeks plus my weight training for exercise.

I was able to get 2/3 runs in last week. Hopefully I can pick back up on the same week in the program with just a few weeks off.
I've gotta get a bike eventually. It sounds like a blast to cover that much ground in one day.
Go to bike shops. Get measured, learn what frame size is right for you. Test ride a bunch of bikes. When you’re comfortably confident about what you want, check used as well as new bikes. Bike blue book is your friend.
The house sank a foot this week

Dang, your poor decks must really be struggling.

It happens as we get older.
My foundation can be soft at times too……


But I digress

Apparently, the above is a mask for a private conversation between the two of you.
been trying to get back running regularly. But tweaked my achilles on Saturday, and that will likely sideline me for a while.
Wasn't planning on it, but managed to get a bib for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April. Getting back into the running routine tomorrow.

Goal is 8-minute miles...but we'll see.

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