Do you Run?……Walk?….Bike?…..Swim?

Put in a mile for each year of sobriety I’m celebrating today. Feels good to look back at the last 6 years and not feel like I threw them away.

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17 years sober in march.
Good for you my old friend.

Edit. That’s ridiculous BTW. Absolutely flying
Forgot to post. Got my c25k session in yesterday. Didn't record the distance this time.

Don't want to do multiple posts in a row. Did my run session again followed by a couple miles walking 11/21
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Thought I'd summarize the last week in one post. I took a break from running because the week before I had some serious shin splints. Instead, I walked several miles each day to get some low impact exercise.

I returned to running yesterday and did a trail run that continued into a hike. Got to see some deer and a lot of exercise. Ignore the last 0.2 miles, I forgot to turn off all trails as I pulled out of the parking lot.
I'm trying to work on that now. Keep it up man that's great.

I appreciate it!

You got this.

Two things that always help me:

Remembering why I wanted to stop drinking and reminding myself of that.

Realizing that EVERYTHING I enjoyed while drinking, is as enjoyable if not better sober.

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