'20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett (LSU commit)

Mar 1, 2012
From a poster on UGA 247...

Hearing some things from kids at SJC. Nobody is super confident with these rumors, but I'm hearing them so I figured I'd share...

Jarrett was originally leaning pretty hard to OSU, but now Tennessee is trending and probably leads (not by enough so that I'd be worried yet). Although I haven't read much between them, I'm hearing that LSU rounds out his top three.

However, he is still very high on UGA and is visiting soon, so we certainly could hop back in the picture. But right now, we’re not in great shape.
I know he said on Twitter that he wanted to visit Clemson soon, but I believe that coaching staff really mishandled his recruitment early on, and I would be very surprised if they end up being a major factor.

As for Sherman, not hearing quite as much on him, but the general consensus is that UGA is probably his leader.

Also not sure about anybody's timeline, but I will try to find out.
Jan 4, 2017
I also wonder if his comment on Twitter about Clemson wasn't tongue in cheek possibly. By all accounts, like that poster said, Clemson mishandled his recruitment early on and told him he was too short and other things. So maybe he was joking and being sarcastic about visiting them.

Or maybe he was being serious. This is a 17 year old we're talking about, so I have no clue.

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