Darrell Taylor's message to Volnation



Staff member
Sep 27, 2008

When I committed to the University of Tennessee five years ago, I knew it was the beginning of the experience of a lifetime. I thank God for giving me the gift and privilege of playing the sport that I love, in the place that has become my home. (Rocky top will always be home sweet home to me lol). I’m truly thankful for the moments of adversity that strengthened me. The waiting seasons that taught me patience. The tests that came to make me more determined. Thank you to every coach and professor, for the time, energy and wisdom that you selflessly poured into me. My teammates, my bothers, who gave their all in every practice and game, it’s been an honor to stand and play beside you.
Thank you to the fans that never gave up on us, there is no way to describe the feeling of running through that T and seeing and hearing the support that you offer us.
To my friends and family, thank you for your continued love and support. I pray that I continue to make you proud.
These are the days I will forever cherish.
It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol!! #19Out

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