'21 CT DE Kechaun Bennett

Mar 1, 2012
“I was surprised by the offer (to Tennessee),” Bennett said. “The day before I got the Michigan offer. They hadn’t really been talking to me. I was just having a conversation with coach (Brian) Neidermeyer and he just told me he was offering. I was surprised. “These last couple of days have been exciting.” Bennett camped at Michigan and Fordham last year. After reviewing his tape from the 2018 season, Bennett said schools like the way he plays. “Right now, they like my aggressiveness and size,” Bennett said. “They love my motor.”

As for the Vols, Bennett is trying to learn more about the school he had never spoken with until a week ago. “I don’t know anything about them. I’ve been trying to do some research,” Bennett said. “I know I would like to visit them and see what it’s all about.” While Bennett knows little to nothing about the Vols at this point, he does have an early idea of what’s important to him in seeking a school.

“Education,” Bennett said. “They need to have a good team and a good program. They have to have good chemistry in their program. It has to feel right around everyone.” With his recruitment just getting set in motion, Bennett admits he’s been on cloud nine for the last week or so and is excited about the future.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling,” Bennett said. “I didn’t think right now that I would have any offers. I have been super excited. It’s one step closer to the dream. “I have always believed I could play at that level. It frustrated me and pushed me and motivated me to work harder. Right now, I have to improve using my hands and my speed.”

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