College Football's Greatest College Towns



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Jul 21, 2016
Hands down the three best SEC towns are Knoxville, Nashville and Athens. Although Nashville is more for other things than the college teams.

After that, Iowa and Nebraska have passionate fans but towns aren't that great. Columbus, so-so. Happy Valley a tad better. I would imagine Madison, Boulder and Seattle (Washington) would be fun. Austin, Berkeley (Cal) and Palo Alto (Stanford) if you're in to weirdo radicals. SoCal sucks.

All the Service Academy towns are cool, especially Colorado Springs.

Arizona and Research Triangle would be nice locations too.

Logan Utah (Utah State), would be one of the more breathtaking for beauty.
I live in Madison and can attest it is a great place for a football weekend. Mostly because everyone knows the more important game is the Packers on Sunday and the Badger game is the backup band. So everyone has fun and doesn’t get all uptight like they do in Knoxville.
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