CJH taking care of his players



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Jan 10, 2012
I've heard comments from Volnation posters, ESPN, and talk show commentators about CJH:

* What a good offensive mind he has
* One of NCAA's best young coaches
* A great hire and has UT heading in the right direction
* Knows how to get the most out of his players
* Etc.

The one comment that I have never heard players say about their coach, and I've heard it at least 4 times this year about CJH:

" Coach JH is a great teacher and you can really tell he loves us and wants us to love each other like a family"

A lot of these guys may have not had a fathers influence. Who wouldn't play hard for someone that loves them. I know, it's corny, but it impressed me.
Only Paul Finebaum said this about the last bozo Tennessee had. Never let Finebaum forget he thought Pruitt would succeed Saban at his love, Alabama.

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