Chandler Agrees to 4-Year, $7.1M Contract; $4.9M Guaranteed



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Feb 4, 2011
I agree with you 99.99%! The bold underscored is in error though. IT's not my father's college sports so much as it is mine. My father's college sports was the mid 30's. His generation lost much of there young adult normal life to WW2 and many never seem to put much "stock" in college life after WW2 and the Korean police action. My college sports (UT) started on saturday afternoon radio from Jackson Tn. in the late 40's early 50's and in the Commercial Appeal (Memphis always did a better job covering Ole Miss than it did the far away UT.) The Nashville Tennessean was the best for UT coverage. I can't remember the when the first UT game TV game I saw was (think it was UT-Ala around 58). Likely saw one earlier but this one sticks out.
You’re just a touch older than me so it’s my college sports too that’s dead. Can feel for you there. We can get nostalgic all we want to but it ain’t coming back. Different world now.
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