Can Trump TRULY unify the GOP, or has that ship sailed?

I'm shocked you know that many (Plenty), but it's true that many Republicans, dislike Trump. A few have the courage to openly state their dislike. I have a soft spot for Republicans. It's the RepubLiars (AKA: MAGA) I have disdain for, they're nothing more than Putinized Nazis, latching onto Trump's coattails just to get elected. At least Trump is true to himself, for whom, and what he is. I don't like him, but I have more respect for him than his RepuBLIAR MAGA ticks and ringworms.
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I completely track with you. Geography is a consideration in weather patterns. In addition to geography, warm air naturally rises and, if humid, creates clouds which can become rain. So, If more water vapor is in the atmosphere, wouldn't that mean more rain in the regions that currently get rain? And doesn't it also mean more rain is possible in regions that currently only get a little rain?

The geography a/effecting condensation and the physics of temp and pressure producing precipitation isn't changing. Correct?
The physics aren't changing, but they're also responsible for the current diversity of climates we have. Any additional moisture would be distributed as it currently is or possibly worse if higher temp enhances current effects and makes them drier than they currently are.
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