‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee)


May 21, 2013
Man I miss those. Either that or a double big Pal w/ cheese.
I cant lie it makes my eyes hurt to stare at that big aas hamburger all day long...Advantages and disadvantages of living close to one I guess.Im a reg walk thru customer but the looks I get in my pajamas and grinch house shoes at 7am for an order of cheddar rounds is delighting haha...


Come, son of Saban, kneel before Heup.
Jul 3, 2018
Nothing in those articles state that he's not tied to Spyre, nothing. It doesn't address the contract at all. It's all 100% hypothetical. It only addresses that it doesn't tie him to a particular school. You are making assumptions off conjecture. You're welcome to do that. I too am making assumptions off conjecture. At least I'm wling to admit it.
The Mandel article literally quotes the contract. It also quotes the lawyer for the kid in question saying he's not going to ever let one of his clients sign something that involves a collective keeping the athlete's NIL rights after the relationship ends. No one has said the kid in question isn't tied to the collective in question but it's not the permanent indentured servitude you guys seem to want. The ultimate problem is that it's still not permitted, despite popular understanding to the contrary, to condition in NIL deals upon an athlete attending or remaining at a certain school, and that problem can't be alleviated in some of the cartoon-ish ways folks are imagining. That's why the forwarding of money, especially prior to enrollment, contains an element of risk. That risk is nothing new in the bag man game. Eric Dickerson drove a Trans Am that Texas A&M bought him to SMU.
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Have a cheagle ride and a cup of shut up.
Feb 3, 2013
So, how many morans in here would be a fan of UT football and then be a fan of any other school for any other sport above UT. I'll wait.....

I must not have typed loudly enough, because nobody responded. Or maybe that is because UT fans don't follow different schools for different sports. We follow UT, because we love UT and everything about UT. Cheering for Vandy or Memphis over UT for anything would make a UT fan physically sick. This Oregon "fan" either thinks we are stoopid or they are the worst "fan" ever.

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