‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)


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Dec 1, 2017
You said we all should automatically just trust Heupel decisions no questions. All of us. Then I showed you he made a mistake from the very beginning.
So YOUR advice was wrong there.

That was my point.

Improvement? When and how does it show up according to you? Even against Bowling Green he looked bad. Zapped the team's energy with constant over throws and misreads, sacks. Timid when running.

- Because of the offensive friendly rules
- Because of QBs generally being more advanced than 25 years ago coming out of high school
It's easier for a talented freshmen to start and make an impact.
You and others like you just act like there haven't been NUMEROUS Freshman QBs start for P5 teams. Literally every year it happens. It's happened at Tennessee haha.
But with Nico....nah! Impossible!

We have Joe Milton, who has shown for 2 years now he can't even execute-in game- some of the basic requirements of QB...but yeah... lets pick him OVER Nico
No one has a clue if something will click for Milton under Heupel’s coaching influence. It is unlikely he will be Hooker’s caliber from last year but who really knows? . It’s silly to go back and forth on the topic in 2022.


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Dec 1, 2004
Just like last year??🙄.

You do understand your'e making my point for me??

Do you not remember who won the fall camp? Heupel went out of his way to get him here on top of that.

Coaches make mistakes all the time. Heupel clearly made a mistake with Milton but was aware enough to just accept what his eyes saw during game time with Hendon

Some of you all after 4 YEARS of JG are still thinking that boy can play winning football somehow😏. Same crap...Hoping just to hope! And what makes it so ridiculous is that we have the best QB coming in for the whole 2023 class...yet you want to roll with the PROVEN loser. There's no secret to Milton. As he said last year "its all on tape".

Milton wasn't just bad last year. He was HORRIBLE at Michigan the year before.He eventually got benched for a very average McNamara.

Just because one 2020 season and 2 games in 2021 isn't enough for YOU, doesn't mean it's not enough for anyone else with eyes, to see the kid can't play winning football.
I think the overarching argument is that the best course would be for one of our current QBs to play great and allow Nico to sit a year and develop. For some reason that's a really sharp bur under your saddle.

Not sure anyone is guaranteeing Milton will be lights out, nor that Nico would be beat out. Just the very reasonable thought that the best thing for everyone would be for a current UT QB to ball out, and Nico to sit as a freshman.

If that doesn't happen and Nico needs to start, I'm sure everyone here will wish Nico the best and be even bigger Nico fans than we already are.

Why the heat stroke over this?


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Jan 30, 2013
He'll be the starter next year. . . at least for the first part of the year, maybe all year.
I think so as well. By that time Milton will be a experienced QB in the SEC. I believe he and Nico will be like he and Hooker are this year. Close teammates that will help each other out. Hopefully Milton will be a good mentor like Hooker has been.

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