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Apr 5, 2009
The Iamaleava brothers were in Knoxville last month to check out Josh Heupel and his Vols and Madden was blown away.

"It was great," Iamaleava said. "Getting this experience at such a young age and having my big brother up there leading the way and opening up the doors for me to be able to experience it all is a blessing."

Madden was able to get in to plenty of games this fall thanks to big leads with Nico leading the way. It's a luxury both on and off the field.

"Going into the game we know I'm going to be in by halftime if things go well," Iamaleava said. "He goes in and blows them out by halftime and then I'm able to get in and put up another 30. It's a super fun thing playing with my older brother."

The younger Iamaleava was blown away by his visit to Knoxville. From driving around at night down on the river to the game day atmosphere.

"I love Tennessee," Iamaleava said. "Definitely at the top of my list right now for sure. It's a great atmosphere. I love the family and how super warm it is here with everyone."

Being able to piggyback the trips with his big brother, Madden has been able to get an early jump start on things.

"I get a good picture of where I want to be you know," Iamaleava said. "What colleges I like already. I love the SEC. The vibe and everything. It's just different out here. It's crazy. The fans and football is just great."

The Iamaleava family is hearing from Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Ole Miss and most of college football. They have struck up a nice bond with Heupel and quarterbacks coach Joey Halzle.

"Coach Heupel is a great guy," Iamaleava said. "I love what he does with his offense. I love what he does with his kids. He's a great guy and mentor. Coach Halzle is the same type guy. Just great people."

So how is Madden different than Nico on the field?

"I think what separates me is I get out of the pocket more," Iamaleava said. "He makes more plays from the pocket. If I don't see things on my first two reads, I'm out. He will stay in and go through more progressions."

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