'19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)


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Sep 23, 2018
I believe Warren could turn out to be a really good TE for us. True freshman this year. If he put on a little weight he could be a big target for our offense.
Warren still needs to add a lot of weight to his frame because he’s so tall. I’d say another 30-35 lb easily. But yes, folks forget he’s a great pass catching prospect at TE for us the next few years.

Sean Brown won’t make it in if we close as strong as it looks like we may. We’d have 5-6 TE on the roster next year without him. If he makes it in the class, he will redshirt and maybe finally contribute in 2-3 years at best. You don’t take Sean Brown if you have some big time guys wanting in late.... OL (Ndoma), DL (Smith, Bogle etc), or other positions where we have major immediate needs. TE is important but not taking a guy who’d be 4th to 6th string while you turn down 2-deep day one guys all over the field. Just common sense really.

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