'19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)


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Sep 10, 2008
We've been talking in recent weeks about prospect rankings, and what BS they are; especially Rivals (I have said before, I was done with Rivals the day they TRIED telling me that Trey Smith was a 4*, and the #4 prospect in the state). Well...the 247 composite...

Checking out his rankings history, Henry T peaked during his Jr season at #13 overall (and what I'm assuming was a 5th star(?)); and had fallen to #44 overall by the time he signed. And what did he do to suffer such a tumble (31 spots), you may ask? All he did was go out his Sr season and win Defensive Player of the Year in the entire state of California is all. 🤔 What bullsh*t, is all I can say.

Done with stars and rankings and Rivals and 247 and whatever else...I roll with Pruitt and company. If they want Jarrod Means or Kenny Solomon or Elijah Simmons...or Roman Harrison...I want those guys, as well; damn the stars, damn the rankings...and, Brent Hubbs and Jesse Simonton (Gator, never forget it) and Austin Price and Ryan Callahan and company can continue on grasping at straws in the dark.
I agree and the same goes for all these guys on here always adding up points on rivals to see what place we will end up
Who gives a crap, just give me the players. If you took away all the posts about how many points we have every year you would probably delete 100,000 posts

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