BTO’s Missouri postgame report

Sea Ray

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Dec 9, 2013
I think you may be understating the importance of 4. Turner brings good D consistently and may be the best rebounding player under 6'-2" in the SEC. He's a quality ball handler who can provide the 10 minutes a game we would like to rest Bone. This is his 4th year in the program and as a result he has a high basketball maturity. And, when he's at his normal game he's been our most consistent 3 point shooter. He clearly wants to take the big pressure shots. When we're late in a tight game, he's the guy I want at the FT line. A healthy LT easily makes this team 10% better which is huge as they are already considered one of the top 5 teams without him playing. Our depth of quality pieces is getting ridiculous.
Cuonzo made a point of emphasis and the value of Turner in his post game comments. He really thought the addition of Turner brought us to a new level


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Oct 13, 2007
Loved Fulkerson last night with that move from outside the perimeter to the dunk or close layup (I forget which). We need him to continue to shine.

Also need Walker to step up some. He made his presence known last night but really didn't deliver as I'd hoped. I wish he'd gotten more PT in this physical game.

Great to see Lamonte out there. With Bone and Bowden tearing it up he doesn't have to be our best player but I don't want to lose intensity when he comes in during the big games. Was great to see him play and drain the three-ball a few times. He looks ready to me. His shot looks good. Looks natural. Looks pain-free.

What was up with the technical? I can understand Barnes being irritated by that call. I just wonder if he deserved to be T-d up or if it was just thin-skinned officials. It looked like if a foul were called on that play, it would have been on MO, not on Tennessee (was it Schofield?)

Great game. Loved seeing how they handled being down by 9.

And I still like Cuonzo Martin and I still pronounce it Kwon-Zo. If he wants to be Kon-Zo, he should drop the U.
The technical foul was because the ref thought Barnes was complaining too harshly about the previous call. Barnes was actually complaining about an issue with the clock and was trying to get the official's attention.

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Oct 10, 2016
Something I have really enjoyed is how Bone and Williams have been looking up the court when they initially get the outlet or rebound to see if someone is open. Bowden has a been a recipient of a few of these passes. Getting the ball up the court allows us to attack in the secondary break and just puts more pressure on the opponent.
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Jan 25, 2011
The legion of the miserable doesn't take leave when times are good... they can always be better or they were better in yesteryear.

If you think saying the most watched regular season college basketball game of all time likely won't be topped is "miserable" then you are going to have a very rough life. It doesn't degrade what happens now, it's saying "You can't reall beat #1 vs #2, in state, only real game on for the whole week with all time great rosters both ways"

Why can't you top it? It requires the OTHER team to be just as good, or in that instance, better, to make it happen.

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