Blue Star article mentions some TN kids



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Feb 22, 2015
Round Two in Tampa: Blue Star 30's are Back! - Bluestar Media

"Lauren Hassell (2027/Tennessee) is another back for her 2nd year as a Blue Star 30. Needless to say, she of course did not disappoint. With all the big time athleticism and size, she’s been on the radar very early. But if you see how she has grown her game, now sporting a fluid jumper that she can hit from beyond the arc, you know she is only going to keep working and keep improving. Still one of the youngest players in camp, you can tell she is starting to hatch out of her egg and really come out and take over. All in due time!"

Tyler Jones (2025/Tennessee) is coming off a nice summer with the Arkansas Banshees, and showed some real improvement following a nice showing here at Blue Star 30 last year. The most noticeable area would have to be the three point shot, which looks great rotating perfectly through the air and finding the bottom of the net. Jones has always been athletic off the bounce, but now she has realized there are times to get all the way to the rack, and time to use that nice jumper in the form of a mid range pull up. Jones is heading down the right path, and we are excited to see what she adds next.

2027 wing Haylen Ayers of the Tennessee Flight is so advanced for age that it’s hard to believe. An athletic 5’10 with a wealth of upside, Ayers is so good at the little things already. She loves to push in transition and covers a lot of ground in a hurry, and the three is finding the bottom of the net with some very nice rotation.

One player who just will not be denied is 2025 guard Reese Beaty of FBC Reign in Tennessee. Handling the basketball, she really pounds the rock and is able to get separation with a variety of moves in which she covers nice ground. Savvy is a good descriptor, and she plays well with others. Her shot making ability in the mid range and from beyond the arc is continuing to grow, and she more than holds her own against the “more athletic” types out there."

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