Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and the Future of Global Finance

I wonder if a dirty group of politicians are behind this to enrich themselves at the populations expense 🤔
Uhhhh... anything BlackRock is involved with is suspect as hell.
Fire is hot 😒

Not sure anyone that has looked into assets and central banking systems would trust any large company ( Blackrock, Fidelity, etc)

For everyone else:
Get on the damn Bitcoin train and get it into your self custody already! Stop messing around!!!
You’re gonna be pissed you didn’t buy any at 66k when in 2028 when you will REALLY NEED SOME. It will be 660k a coin!

Trump openly supports it! Over 80 million Americans are into Crypto.

Just a thought: Bitcoin is out performing Gold by a large margin.
Guess what that means???
YOU CAN BUY MORE GOLD by investing in Bitcoin rather than if you hadn’t 🙄
Adrian: Rocky, why do you fight?
Rocky Balboa: Because I can’t sing and dance.

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