Billy Napier incites:….



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Aug 21, 2021
“Look, I mean - it’s a competition. You know, it is what it is. Our goals - UH, we have a path…. I mean, UH, It’s a challenge. We have a core of good players - I mean, we Eventually, just need to meet the goal. UH, can’t say enough…. We gotta focus. —You know what you sign up for…. Um, Special Teams…—Look, we have a plan……
I mean, you can’t say enough…. Really looking forward… — A few injuries…. UH, proud of ‘em. Don’t put us in a box. —Gotta keep playing hard! UH, you know,— what I mean is - HUH???? WTF????!!!!!!
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Truly, this man possesses a Napier wit.

The recruits are starting to flee finally:

And sure, we probably couldn't beat Florida regularly if they randomly drafted their team from the student body. Since Spurrier we just play scared too often against them. It's like us with Kentucky.

Still, I don't like Napier losing quality recruits to other SEC teams that are not us. Those recruits would be less dangerous sweltering away in Gainesville under Billy.
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