Best bigs available Knoxville


Huntsville Vol

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Nov 22, 2020
We recruiting any big post players locally or in Tennessee? Basketball team could make a deep run next year by adding a rim protector and guys that could get some easy buckets down low.
There is a 7 footer at Catholic High School that is a Jr. named Handje Tamba . Not sure if Barnes is recruiting him or not. Probably to tall and athletic
SMH.....Getting a quality rim protector to sign is the problem, not recruiting one. Several have been recruited over the years, including one stiff (already on the team) who really wouldn't be all that effective in the SouCon. Kyle Alexander and C.J. Black were the best to have passed through here the last 20 years or less. Pons is great for a off the ball block (and he does that very well when healthy), but even he can be backed down by a savvy muscleman.

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