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I think it's safe to say that Jaden Springer is officially a vital part of the 76'ers second 5. I think he may average about 15 minutes a game for Philly, this year. Springer is no longer just a trash minutes player for Philly. Which is great, considering he is still is just 21 years old. As of right now, other than Grant, he will be the most productive of all Barnes NBA guys from Tennessee, imo.
Springer ended up with 20 mins., 10 points, 2 threes, 5 boards, an assist and 0 turnovers. Blowout, so he got a little more minutes, but I think 15 mpg is reasonable, this year. He just continues to improve
More than the Harden trade, getting rid of Doc Rivers is what helped Springer. Doc notoriously doesn't play young players in role positions.
Dave Berri is a sports economist who has developed an advanced metrics model for attributing wins to players. I think his model is pretty good but it overrates rebounding... has Tobias Harris as the 4th best PF behind Lebron, KD, and Giannis, and consider Tobias isn't anything special as a rebounder, so the model is probably underrating his performance this year.
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