BasketVols in the NBA

NBA playoff basketball is great. Almost makes up for the lackluster regular season they run

Yeah, it had been my tradition to watch a game or two during the season, and then watch a couple of series in the playoffs. Then, they got too political for me 2 or 3 years ago, and I quit watching altogether. Looks like they have cleaned that up a bit.
First time I have watched pro basketball in a while, and I will continue for at least a little longer.
Same, not a fan of pro anything, but I did watch the Braves win the World Series last year and I've been watching Grant, who has been fabulous.
Same, and I don't like the Celtics at all lol

For me, it has been a lot less about "teams" and a lot more about the players. I liked the Larry Bird Celtics, Michael Jordan (and da Bulls), Magic Johnson, and Julius Erving.
These playoffs are the worst I’ve seen in quite a while.
Quite honestly, and no offense to Grant, but the last time I gave 2 cents about the NBA, the Dr. was operating. Philly and LA matchups were just great. Hated the Celtics back then, but man, they played some beautiful basketball. Still, the sixers/lakers was an event that you just couldn't miss.

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