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Aug 11, 2010
AWD and 4WD are different. Trucks tend to be 4WD. Most AWD systems have constant distribution across the front and back while 4WD can isolate the back only.

I believe the Audi quattro system (AWD) tends to be FWD biased.

Porsche tends to be the most aggressive in AWD with RWD bias - something like 90% RWD at all times. Other cars run as much as 60/40.
Actually there is a little more to it. All wheel drive is a broad term. In fact, some AWD vehicles are not AWD all the time. Some AWD vehicles are permanent 4-wheel drive.
Traditionally 4WD spoke of a vehicle that had to be engaged manually by the driver with a mechanical shifter. Today we have electric switches that handle these functions, but other than pick-ups, most SUVS have moved away from this. The terminology has been blurred. Permanent AWD means there is some power applied to all four wheels at all times. There may be a permanent ratio or one that can be fluid depending on speed, loss of traction, etc.
Regarding Audis they are not all the same. The lower end versions use a transverse mounted engine and are therefore FWD biased. Other versions use a longitudinal mounted engine and are rear biased.
Oct 21, 2004
I briefly had the GT convertible with performance package - problem was to get to 8/10s driving dynamics meant doing over 60 through neighborhoods. Extremely capable. Track time needed for full fun.

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