Are Fair and Rumph on their way out?


Coke Zero is hard to snort
Sep 7, 2014
I got attacked for even bringing the Basilio talk about Helton to the board. If there is ever an "expert" on vn that says someone does or does not know what they are talking about, it makes no difference to the minions how much evidence there is to the contrary.
Lol, he discusses every rumor, often well after someone passed it along here, especially in the RF. He got a good lead on Helton but if he shares all the rumors, how does one know which rumor to believe? That's not "breaking the news", it's gossiping.

The other poster pointed out Chaney but what about the 9 other candidates he hinted about that didn't get the job?

Nothing against TB, that's his job.
But "minions" doesn't describe the people that understand he's sharing rumors and ONE of them will probably be correct. It actually describes people that revise history to omit the misses and highlight the correct multiple choice.

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