Any Spartacus watchers out there?

Yeah, I was pissed about the rerun this week too. Friggin jerks....I wish all shows HAD to be like 24 used to be. Each week, a new episode no matter what. Stop dragging it out, give me the goods.
I just did my monday afternoon sitdown where I watch the latest episode of the show. Every monday at 1. Phone and computer in the other room. Arnold Palmer. Sammich. And new habanero chips that i can have before my kids eat the whole bag in 2 hours.

Then I see there isn't a new one. Much disappoint.
Indeed. Just watched and it was one of the better episodes in a long time. Afraid I get the vibe that next week will be a rerun, but I hope not.

It won't. Next week they are doing the end of Spartacus and beginning of Da Vinci's Demons
I enjoyed this episode a lot this week. Of course, I enjoy the plotting by Caesar to get Tiberius back and how Corre ruined the whole thing but Crassus sure didn't care too much about his dead son when Corre showed up in his tent, did he? I thought it was bro's before hoes?? LOL.

I loved how Spartacus really was out for revenge too. He's usually a bit reserved and doesn't like uncessary bloodshed but that went out the window this week for sure. I can't wait for next weeks finally but I'm upset that the ride will be over. I've enjoyed this show to no end.
I've said this before but I have more to contribute to the fact that I really just think they screwed this season up with Tiberius. They could have cast him better. Maybe made him a bigger guy more like Caesar. Would have been a better rival for Caesar that way.

But instead they cast a young skinny little boy, made him way tougher than what was believable, had him rape Julius Caeser (dumb and disturbing scene), made him the one, of all people, who kills Crixus, and didn't even properly kill him off to get revenge for all he had done.

Without him this season was perfect. Still a great season, but they really missed the mark with Tiberius.
Good episode and new ways to get gory.
Is Crassus about to go medieval on his girl? She called him Marcus and he said call him Dominus.
That was in reference to an earlier episode where she said that she was his slave and he said he'd never made her feel like one and that he never had her call him Dominus....He's a bit upset she left, it seems. Now he's going to "dominate" her LOL and then get really medievel on Spartacus and the rest of the slave army. I'm really curious as to how they wrap up this series. There's so many angles they can take it in, I just hope it's a good one. I also am curious as to what they do with Pompey the Great too. He should definitely make an appearance in the last episode.

Lastly....I'm hoping somehow they can do some kind of spinoff with Crassus or Caesar or anything at all. I love these writers and I want more....
I have a feeling Crassus isn't going to be too kind to his lady considering that she left him and joined the slave rebellion. She came back but he still doesn't know that she was raped by Tiberius.

Forcing her to start calling him Dominus is, to me, an ominous sign.
Everything I've ever read about him makes him out to be quite awesome at pretty much everything. He was considered a master strategist, general, swordsman, orater and also a great writer as well. His book on the Gallic and Civil Wars is still considered a great literary achievement over almost 2,600 years after it was written. One can only assume he was pretty good at throwing the pigskin around too....Of course, had there been a pigskin in those days. LOL
Great finale. I liked how they had an appearance by Oenamaus and worked in all the characters from seasons past in the credits. I really liked the clip of Andy Whitfield at the very end.

History says that Crassus survived and that Julius Caesar, eventually became emperor of Rome. Spartacus' body was never found though Crassus claimed to have seen him fall in battle.

Spartacus, in death, was returned to his loving wife.
Surprised there wasn't more posts in this thread after the finale. This thread used to get a lot of attention after every episode.
Their is no way to prove that.

Can't prove it but I did a google search on Marcus Crassus' net worth and this is what I found:

1. Marcus Licinius Crassus (115 BC – 53 BC)

Net Worth: $2 Trillion

How He Made His Fortune: Proscriptions, slave trafficking, judicious purchases of land and houses, purchases of burning property.

About: Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician. Although he initially began with a rather large inheritance, he lost all of it during the Marian-Cinnan proscriptions, in which he was forced to flee to Hispania. However, Crassus would get his revenge while commanding the left wing of Sulla’s army, making a fortune from proscriptions himself.

Proscriptions were only part of his overall wealth. It is said that after receiving word of houses being on fire, Crassus would arrive with an army of 500 “firefighters” and attempt to offer a modest sum for the property. If the offer was refused, Crassus would let the property burn to the ground.

Crassus went on to seek political power and struggled throughout most of his career. His fortune, however, played a large part in gaining support from senators. He was eventually elected censor and helped finance Julius Caesar’s successful campaign to become Pontifex Maximus.

Known For: Suppressing the slave revolt led by Spartacus.

Fun Fact: After Crassus’ death, a story later surfaced that the Parthians poured molten gold into Crassus’ mouth as punishment for his greed.

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