Amateur Hour Continues

My brother, who lives in that lunatic state California, says he want fly back home to TN.
He'd rather drive the 2K + miles across country than have confidence in air travel.

There are 1000s of flights daily, and we only hear about a few but issues seem to be happening with more frequency.
So you're saying she dismissed the charges against the fake electors because she's upset about being attacked by a black guy in an unrelated case? Just confirming that's what you want from a judge.
It is what it is. Nobody says you have to like the decision or need a translation.
Cry harder cat lady. It's all for the greater good.
Such an idiot brainwashed moron who needs firing from their show.
I guess she makes all of her 4 viewers happy w/her deranged view point.

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LOL ... And another moron blames conservatives for her incompetence. It's always someone else's fault w/the libtards. They take no responsibility for their stupid actions.


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