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Nov 23, 2012
Sooooooo, (you can't make this s#1t up) this super genius Brandon Miller was so very sorry and apologetic for the "pat down" stunt he pulled during Saturday's introduction that he disavowed his behavior by posting the pic of said "pat down" as his twitter PROFILE PIC!!!! HA! Well, the intrepid social media department at Alabama must not have been amused. The twitter account no longer exists. What a class act! Bama at it's finest! Like I said, you can't make this up.

Original idiot move:

Coach " It's been addressed and I can assure you it definitely will not happen again for the remainder of this year."
Oats on Miller's 'pat-down': 'Not appropriate'
I guess showcasing the move on twitter wasn't specifically addressed. lol.

Twitter gone:
Brandon Miller Appears To Delete Twitter Account
Nate Oats is a shitbag for allowing all this to continue. He's either got no control over the team or he doesn't care, either way he's unfit to be employed beyond a rec league team.

He’s bank rolling on winning and if he does he’ll be treated like Saban.

But yes if the AA had any balls at all they’d at least start looking around and they would uncover a lot.
Efff that guy and Bama if it was any other team this guy would be suspended and possibly in jail. Bama has the Tuscaloosa PD and lawyers paid off. Oh and it’s no coincidence he happens to be their best player.
That is just classless! It seems as though providing someone a firearm that is then used to take someone's life is an opportunity to show how indifferent he is to the sanctity of life. That attests to a lack of a moral upbringing, at least in my opinion.

No Parenting, No Church upbringing, basically let run wild. This is the norm for quite a number of young males.
Poor Brandon Miles. He didn't get SEC player of the week :-( How about accessory to murder?

Nate Oats Reacts to Brandon Miller Not Winning SEC Weekly Award

EDIT: And now Alabama is making excuses for this thug:

Alabama HC Nate Oats gave go-ahead for Brandon Miller's 'pat-down' pregame intro

Wait, the coach said okay to the pat down antics ?

If I were an alum of UA I'd want that guy fired immediately !! And his comments later, comparing to a TSA check and saying they now see how it would make people fell bad, WTF???

Where is @bamawriter on this? Sorry, I just see no defense for this. You KNOW you are under scrutiny and you authorize it???

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