'24 AL EDGE Jordan Ross (Tennessee commit)

Sure, in terms of what the player is expected to do in given play I'm with you, but to keep up with our tempo at 300+ pounds effectively requires stamina, quickness, and discipline, more so than the programs that take 20-30 seconds between plays. Didn't mean to state that we need to be looking for smaller -and we need the big, strong guys too- just that our coaches will likely put a higher premium on the conditioning/work-ethic/discipline side of things than others might.
But we don't have ten play drives that are going to wear the big guys down.
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4-star EDGE Jordan Ross
The buzz: Coming out of this event, Georgia and Tennessee are the two schools high on Jordan Ross‘ list. Alabama and Auburn, two in-state schools, will definitely be programs to watch in this race, but Ross likes how the Bulldogs and Volunteers are recruiting him. He has relationships with both staffs and was in Athens in January. Meanwhile, Ross will be back in Knoxville on April 15 for their spring game, then in June for an official visit. He will also be in Tuscaloosa on March 4.

- Simmons

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