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Oct 22, 2003
I realize it's a tough season and everyone is not in the best of moods, but we have way too much bickering going on that's derailing topics from actual basketball talk.

If you don't like someone's posts and don't wish to discuss the topic, we offer an ignore function so you don't have to see those posts if you choose. The "troll" and "true fan" discussions are pointless and I'm pretty sure most people would rather just read basketball discussion.

I don't prefer discussing firing coaches in December because it's pointless and there's still a lot of basketball to play. But if you must, please use the Harper discussion thread.

As always if you have moderating suggestions there's a contact us button or you can email me at vol_freak@yahoo.com. We aren't going to get into all that on the board. My email is open and I'm happy to listen to your suggestions and or feedback.

Lastly remember to use the report post button if you see something that violates board rules. The rules are stickied in the football forum.

Let's hope the team turns it around this season. Go Lady Vols!
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