5 keys to beat Ole Miss

Aug 7, 2009
#5. Getting players back from injury. It appears that we are full go minus Mitchell who is out for the year. Training staff will earn their pay checks this week. They need that soccer spray ready for Evans ankle and Small's shoulder.

#4. Must be able to get pressure with our front 4 especially late in the game. Containing their QB is a must do especially on 3rd down. We will play more zone on the back end I suspect to keep an eye on the QB so pressure is the only thing that speeds up his decisions. Give him 5 seconds and he will find someone open.

#3. O line must hold up early and often. Our offense sets up big plays very well. It's critical that the O line holds up so Hooker can take the shots down field when the opportunity arises.

#2. Coaches must not out coach themselves. What USCe did in their goalline against us that lead to our INT must NOT be duplicated by our staff this week. Run the ball often. The Rebel run defense is not their strength.

#1. Get off the field on 3rd down ESPECIALLY early in the game. Our defense is better but that only remains an advantage if they are rested. Come the 4th quarter these guys will be digging deep just because of lack of depth. If we can make it to the 4th with enough gas in the tank to finish the race we have a damn good shot of winning.

Go Vols
#1 is spot on in my opinion and my biggest concern.

Good post.

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