31 Days of Horror Movies in October

I have not read the book, and this is just an interpretation.

THE SHINING (1979) analysis by Rob Ager
That is interesting ... and touches on many things that I haven't noticed in watching this before. It's a common belief on the internet that Jack had molested Danny - and the whole "broken finger" story was a ruse for what Wendy had caught Jack doing to their son. However, there is no telling how many times I've seen it, without ever noticing the Playgirl magazine before. Much less those headlines on the cover. That makes sense ... but Stanley Kubrick was incredibly opaque with this theme.
Okay ... The results from Google searches haven't satisfied me. So, I've decided to finally ask about the weird a$$ scene below, which was probably explained in Stephen King's book ... but is left open to interpretation in the movie.

It has befuddled me long enough. From someone who has read the book ... What was the point of this scene? It's just plain weird.

Its to shock a 1980's audience with homosexual/furry imagery. Thats it. I just saved you from reading the 20 odd pages of unnecessary over analysis of the movie from the link above.

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