2023 Volnation Baseball Board SEC Football Survivor Pool Round 8

Nov 29, 2011
Still alive and previous pick

@Halph66 Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mizzou, Miss St, Alabama

@knoxvol52 Mizzou, USC Jr., Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Miss St, LSU

@THEONLYTENISEE Vandy, Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, UGA, Miss St, Alabama

@PYSCHO Vandy, USC Jr., Auburn, Florida, UGA, Miss St, LSU

@Volprofch05 Vandy, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida, Mizzou, Miss St, Alabama

@preacherman20 Mizzou, USC Jr., Auburn, Florida, Bama, Miss St, LSU

@txbo Vandy, Mizzou, Kentucky, Florida, Bama, Miss St, Georgia

@The Ron Mexico Arkansas, USC Jr., Auburn, Florida, Mizzou, Miss St, Georgia

@VolGirl81 Vandy, Mizzou, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Alabama, Miss St, Georgia

Myself Miss St., Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Georgia

This weeks matchups:
-No previous pick can be used
-If you miss the deadline, Sat NOON EST, you are eliminated
-If you are not tagged, you cannot play

Miss State @ Arkansas
Tennessee @ Alabama
South Carolina @ Missouri
Ole Miss @ Auburn
Army @ LSU

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