2023 Volnation Baseball Board SEC Football Survivor Pool Round 12



The Sultan Of Swat
Nov 29, 2011
Still alive and previous pick

@THEONLYTENISEE Vandy, Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, UGA, Miss St, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas A&M

@PYSCHO Vandy, USC Jr., Auburn, Florida, UGA, Miss St, LSU, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Alabama

@Volprofch05 Vandy, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida, Mizzou, Miss St, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Texas A&M

@The Ron Mexico Arkansas, USC Jr., Auburn, Florida, Mizzou, Miss St, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Alabama

Myself Miss St., Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Texas A&M


This weeks matchups:
-No previous pick can be used
-If you miss the deadline, Sat NOON EST, you are eliminated
-If you are not tagged, you cannot play

Chattanooga @ Bama
UL Monroe @ Ole Miss
Southern Miss @ Miss St
Abilene Christian @ Texas A&M
Georgia @ Tennessee
New Mexico State @ Auburn
Florida @ Mizzou
FIU @ Arkansas
Kentucky @ South Carolina
GA State @ LSU
Crazy, this was a lock. 25 point favorite at home.

I had a bad feeling about it, NMSU has had a good season and thought barn may overlook them.

Plus, I deviated from my original plan, which was to pick barn a few weeks ago and then USCjr over Vandy. But USCjr looked so hideous that I started to worry they couldn’t beat Vandy and instead picked them over Jacksonville St. Oh wells
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