2023 Roster Evolving 1/15/23



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Oct 10, 2014
You’re absolutely correct. Made an assumption. I think he could get playing time at WR first year like Squirrel did this year and be an impact player Year 2…if not Year 1. But he absolutely could be placed somewhere else.
Or play many of them at once.

I can almost guarantee he'll play:
- RB
- slot
- Wildcat QB
- Kr
- Hb


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Jun 1, 2008
I do not get this one at all. The guy was probably the starter next year.
feedback I've heard is people are not sure he wants to play football. Just doesn't seem interested. I expect him to be out of football or try a much lower level program where there is not a lot of attention.


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May 19, 2014
EDIT - Thanks to input from others I made an attempt….

Here’s what I think we have plus a couple more recruits and portal adds. Obviously the guys listed as NFL could potentially return if eligibility is there along with the portal kids.

Let me know what I’ve missed…pretty sure I’ve ‘mis-positioned’ a couple. Also not sure about some of the seniors who would still have eligibility. Need help there.

** My quick thought - that LB group looks thin. Need a portal guy and/or convert someone looking to the future


QB - Joe Milton SR**
QB - Tayven Jackson FR*
QB - Nico Iamaleava FR
QB - Gaston Moore JR*
QB - Navy Shuler JR*

RB - Jabari Small SR
RB - Jaylen Wright JR
RB - Dylan Sampson SO
RB - Khalifa Keith FR
RB - Len’Neth Whitehead JR* PORTAL
RB - Justin Will-Thomas FR* PORTAL

TE - Jacob Warren SR**
TE - Charlie Browder SO*
TE - Ethan Davis FR
TE - Hunter Salmon SR*
TE - Miles Campbell SO* PORTAL

WR - Bru McCoy SR*
WR - Ramel Keyton SR**
WR - Squirrel White SO
WR - Walker Merrill JR
WR - Kaleb Webb FR*
WR - Cameron Seldon FR
WR - Nathan Leacock FR

WR - Chas Nimrod FR*
WR - Nate Spillman FR
WR - Jack Jancek JR*
WR - Nigel Lanier SO*
WR - Jaylin Hyatt SR - NFL
WR - Jimmy Holliday SR - PORTAL
WR - Jimmy Calloway. JR* - PORTAL

OL - Cooper Mays SR
OL - Jeremiah Crawford SR**
OL - Gerald Mincey JR*
OL - Javontez Spraggins SR
OL - Dayne Davis SR*
OL - Jackson Lampley SR
OL - Ollie Lane SR**
OL - RJ Perry JR*
OL - William Parker SO*
OL - Addison Nichols FR*
OL - Mo Clipper Jr. FR*
OL - Shamurod Umarov FR
OL - Trevor Duncan FR
OL - Vysen Lang FR
OL - Ayden Bussell FR

OL - Masai Reddick FR*
OL - Brian Grant FR*
OL - Darnell Wright SR* NFL


DL - Omari Thomas SR
DL - Elijah Simmons SR*
DL - Da’Jon Terry SR*
DL - Kurrott Garland SR**
DL - Bryson Eason JR*
DL - Tyre West SO
DL - Dominic Bailey JR*
DL - Daevin Hobbs FR
DL - Jordan Phillips FR*
DL - Amari McNeill SO*

DE - Tyler Baron SR
DE - Joshua Josephs SO
DE - James Pearce Jr. SO
DE - Chandavian Bradley FR
DE - Caleb Herring FR

DE - Jayson Jenkins FR*
DE - Tyree Weathersby FR
DE - Nathan Robinson FR

DE - Byron Young SR** NFL

LB - Aaron Beasley SR*
LB - Juwan Mitchell SR**
LB - Roman Harrison SR**
LB - Kwauze Garland SR*
LB - Elijah Herring SO
LB - Kalib Perry SO
LB - Jalen Smith FR
LB - Jeremiah Telander FR

DB - Kamal Hadden SR*
DB - Jaylen McCollough SR**
DB - Wesley Walker SR*
DB - Doneiko Slaughter SR
DB - Brandon Turnage SR*
DB - Warren Burrell SR**
DB - Tamarion McDon. SR
DB - Christian Charles JR
DB - William Wright JR*
DB - Andre Turrentine SO*
DB - Christian Harrison SO
DB - Sylvester Smith FR
DB - Jordan Matthews FR
DB - Christian Conyer FR

DB - De’Shawn Rucker JR
DB - Jourdan Thomas SO
DB - Cameron Miller FR*
DB - Ricky Gibson FR
DB - John Slaughter FR
DB - Jack Luttrell FR

DB / PR - Dee Williams SR

K - J.T. Carver SO*
P - Kolby Morgan SO*
P - Jackson Ross FR*
P/K - Josh Turbyville FR*

LS - Matthew Salansky SR*
LS - Alton Stephens SR*
LS - Bennett Brady SO
Holy fook 2024 will be rough for OL.

At most
two Sr
One Jr
Eight So or Redshirt Fr.

And only 1 of those guys has starts.


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Oct 26, 2017
I do not get this one at all. The guy was probably the starter next year.
Apparently he did not think so. I seem to remember a comment by a coach saying something to the effect that Campbell has all the tools to be really good, just needs to apply himself more, which he must not have done.
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Sep 15, 2016
Maybe this is worthy of a thread in itself, but I was real encouraged by a few freshman this season.

-Sampson and White obviously
-Jourdan Thomas will bring the wood. Someone teach him how to play safety
-Herring is fast and physical
Someone get him ready
-Josephs and Pearce
Point them to the weight room. They're gonna be good

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