2023 160 Movies Challenge

(2022) A Man Called Otto
Similar to Gran Torino because Tom Hanks plays Otto a character in his most likely senior years that is not Mr.Sunshine, the movie provides strong explanations of why exactly Otto is mostly another Doctor House-style character for the aspect he's blunt so that makes him very entertaining, and an understandable main reason why he's unhappy.
Otto is shown to be a likable main character, and other protagonists are likable including Reuben, a main conflict that doesn't have an easy solution, a strong believable reason why Otto changes as a character in this movie, the movie has a dog and a cat so both dog lovers and cat lovers will be happy with that aspect even though 1 cat becomes to Otto what the small dog Max is to the Grinch, a satisfying conclusion to this movie, and this is an adaption of the 2012 Novel A Man Called Ove.
The drama is well done, and the comedy is timed right while not being overdone so the serious dramatic tone is not undermined.
Otto has short Miltary length hair which is why it's not unbelievable that he wouldn't have bed hair after sleeping.
I say that because multiple movies have shown the ridiculous factual flaw which is characters with medium-length hair or long-length hair that wake up with no bed hair after sleeping using a pillow.

Avatar The Way of Water
A great sequel that isn't the frustrating uncreative sequel meaning mostly the same movie except for a different location or the same location which is Escape From LA, Die Hard 2, The Crow City of Angels, Home Alone 2, Another 48 Hours, etc.

I enjoy that this movie has a scientist explain his answer for how he arrived at a conclusion about a fictional aquatic animal instead of just expecting the audience to understand his conclusion without him explaining his answer . Similar to the T-800 explaining to John the exact limitations for what the T-1000 can do and can't do in Terminator 2 it's an example of a character explaining an answer that isn't spoon feeding the audience.
The movie has entertaining action scenes, unique shown to be likable protagonists, an entertaining charismatic main antagonist, strong understandable reasons from the movie why the action scenes are happening, drama, original soundtrack with songs that fit scenes, understandable changes without any plot holes, a likable antagonist that does something that is mostly forseeable except still entertaining, unique protagonists, entertaining flying action scenes, high stakes climax, and an ending that made me very happy.
Also most fitting that I would be using a masterpiece James Cameron sequel movie as example while talking about an aspect of Avatar 2 aka Avatar The Way of Water.

Turner and Hooch
While this movie is similar to K-9 which was released the same year, it still stands on its own including Scott Turner is mostly another Danny Tanner because he has a desire for cleanness, Hooch is not a police dog, etc.
Hooch and Turner are the entertaining Odd Couple, I enjoyed this movie showed what Scott does when he's not working as an Inspector in the opening scene of this movie, the movie has well-done comedy scenes including 1 that has a mobile vacuum device which I recall my family had in the 90's aka the VHS era also the WWF and WCW era, etc.

The romance between Emily and Scott is not shoehorned in this movie, the movie shows a natural progression of Turner and Hooch becoming friends, an obvious flaw is the same 1 that Rush Hour has when revealing a twist about the main antagonist, good action scenes, drama, great executed comedy scenes, high stakes climax with drama and action, variety of locations, good dialogue, standout lines even though none have reached the iconic area as "You can't handle the Truth." "I'll be back." "May the Force be with you.", etc.
The ending satisfied me, and an action comedy movie does consistently use realistic mortality.
This movie doesn't have any scenes that are filler meaning add's nothing to the movie, are not progressing the plot, and are just mainly being used to increase the running time.
As usual Reginald VelJohnson best known as the caring father and Chicago Cop Carl Winslow from the set in Chicago Family Sitcom Family Matters plays an inside-the-box character Detective David Sutton that is shown to be a competent protagonist.
David, Scott, and Hooch are all distinguishable likable protagonists that all get opportunities to shine in this action comedy movie that is 99 minutes.

While Scott doesn't hate where he lives, he does have an understandable strong reason why he wants to move to San Diego, California.

Catch Me If You Can
An entertaining Cat and Mouse Drama movie that does give important information to understand why Frank Abignale chooses to become a highly successful Con Man including forging vast checks, however, the movie doesn't attempt to persuade the audience that this infamous criminal protagonist is on the right road or is justified obtaining vast cash with check forgery, and by impersonating multiple high paying occupations.
In other words, I don't have a reason to be frustrated that this is a terribly written movie where it's attempting to persuade me that the Bad Guy is justified for his actions such as the remake Halloween where almost all characters are unlikable bastards that are bastards to Michael Myers so Michael Myers killing those despicable insufferable characters makes me not unhappy, and any other movie where it's attempting to fool the audience that the villain is justified for their destructive actions.

The movie is based on the infamous successful Criminal Frank Abignale.

The movie has Flash (Barry Allen) comic books that do get talked about which aren't shoehorned in or completely unrelated to the plot.
Frank is an entertaining charismatic protagonist, the main antagonist Carl Hanratty is shown to be a likable main antagonist that has an understandable motivation for why he wants to catch the infamous conman Frank Abignale which isn't the uncreative flimsy reason because it's what the writer wrote.
The movie has drama, high stakes of a protagonist that has an achievable goal with a realistic motivation and a main antagonist that has an achievable main goal with a realistic motivation, a chance of a relationship that is believable, a strong explanation that removes a plot hole, original soundtrack songs that fit the scenes, well-timed comedy, other colorful characters, romance that is not shoehorned in, memorable scenes and great lines, good dialogue including realistic lines, and the ending that satisfied me which is not a feel great ending created by this Hollywood Spielberg movie because of the information I read about the non Violent Infamous Criminal Frank Abignale.
The movie gives an entertaining Postscript, and a variety of locations are shown in this big-budget movie including New York City, France, etc.

I'm very happy this movie finishes a conversation since Carl asks Frank how did he pass the Louisiana State Bar Exam to become a Lawyer in the State of Louisiana, and Frank gives an answer that satisfied Carl and me.
A terrible movie cliche is some question asked without a satisfying answer given by a character because of terrible writing, or a character failing to elaborate on an answer.
In the entertaining Creatures Feature Horror Action movie (2004) Anacondas The Hunt For the Blood Orchid it is Gail Stern that refused to elaborate why exactly she can't support the strong scientific research for why in this movie universe the Blood Orchid flower contains the fountain of youth for humans with a strong explanation for how exactly the blood orchid would extend life for human beings.
It's like never in more than 11 years of being in school has she ever answered a critical thinking question that requires an explanation instead of just being a simple yes or no answer, or she never got educated that sometimes you'll need to give an answer that explains why, how, or whatever explanation that would fit.
Otherwise, an answer without the substance being disregarded is fair game.

This movie is set in a stated era where Flash (Barry Allen) comic books are shown and talked about, one James Bond movie that fit the era, the Mickey Mantle era Yankees, etc.
This is a great quality successful Spielberg Drama movie that showed Leonardo Dicaprio is a talented charismatic great actor likely people thought he was just Eye candy without great acting talent after he was in the highly financially successful blockbuster Drama Romance Movie Titanic.

2 Movies I need to post reviews for later this week.
The Lincoln Lawyer
Fools Rush In
Young Guns
A very entertaining great Western Action movie about Billy the Kid and the regulators that have to defeat the ruthless foe Murphy and his brigade.
This Western Action movie remains realistic because Billy and the other characters are shown reloading the guns they are using, scenes show characters experiencing physical pain after being shot in non-fatal areas so this movie is consistent with realistic mortality.
This movie has likable distinguishable protagonists, a great main antagonist, other entertaining antagonists, romance that is not shoehorned in, a great original movie soundtrack, highly entertaining action scenes, terrific clothes that fit the 1870's Wild West era,high stakes, a conflict with no easy solution, drama, great climax, and a solid open ending.

Also, the movie remains very realistic because the protagonists need to think of a great strategy to win in the high-stakes climax since the number of antagonists is higher than the 6 regulators.
I do greatly enjoy that this movie just showed Chavez as a great knife thrower instead of telling the audience becuase the rule is show don't tell, also I do enjoy Chavez throwing knives was not under shown.
The 6 regulators are all shown to be competent protagonists, the antagonists are not foes that are quickly defeated so I'm not bored watching the action scenes, etc.
The movie has an open ending that satisfied me, the high stakes climax has drama and a high amount of action, and also a resolution that greatly satisfied me. Like Death Wish, (2004) The Punisher, The Crow, (1987) Robocop the movie does a great job showing why the 6 regulators want violent revenge which they can achieve by killing Murphy.

Billy, the kid uses a unforgettable 1 liner which is said in the climax.
The movie has a terrific chase scene with Horses being used, the music fits the scenes, good dialogue, memorable lines, characters consistently acting realistic, and locations that are convincing for a Wild West movie that takes place in the 1870's.

Murphy is a charismatic entertaining main antagonist that has an understandable objective.

Chavez, Doc, and the other regulators are all distinguishable protagonists. Also, they all are shown to be likable protagonists.
I greatly enjoyed the original movie soundtrack meaning songs made for the movie instead of mostly reusing existing songs, also I greatly enjoy the opening of this movie showed an unforgettable first action scene with the Regulators after the very unique credits that mostly look inspired by tv show intros.

Adventures in Babysitting
I greatly enjoy that this movie uses the romance song Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals in the intro has an excellent payoff because it gets reused with a perfect ending.
Anything in this movie should get explained is explained so it avoids the terrible writing cliche that is expecting the audience to understand a character's answer or conclusion without any important details.
The movie provides a strong explanation for why the Chicago Syndicate wants a certain Playboy instead of going to some location to buy that same Playboy magazine.

This movie has 1 climbing scene outside a Skyscraper that makes most people think that it's inspired by Spider-Man, the movie does a great job showing for a movie set in Chicago it was unmistakenly filmed there becuase of recognizable buildings, also the movie lives up to its literal title because multiple adventures shown in this family movie that has a babysitter Chris (Elisabeth Shue) as 1 protagonist.
This movie shows off the Marvel Super Hero Thor because Sara's favorite superhero unmistakable is Thor because she wears the Thor helmet, has a toy Mythical hammer, and has (Marvel) Thor items in her room. Also, she is shown reading a Thor comic book.
Also, 1 character greatly resembles Thor including the tall height, brawny body, long blonde hair, and he is shown holding a sledgehammer.

Mike Todwell is an entertaining bastard character that the audience will hate which is successful because of great writing. He has a great Red Camaro with the license plate So Cool which is a standout detail.
I enjoy this movie does have a character wearing a Cubs hat since I am a Cubs fan, also a red Ferrari is shown in multiple scenes since I love Ferraris, and red is my favorite color.
This movie is similar to Robocop because Chicago is shown as a dangerous city however it succeeds without hardcore violence because this is a Family Comedy PG-13 movie.
The comedy is well done without anything that I would view as offensive or painful to watch because unfunny.

This movie succeeds at using a variety of locations along with issues that can't just be easily solved, 1 main conflict that can't easily be solved, antagonists that have an understandable reason why they are chasing the protagonists, romance is not shoehorned in, distinguishable protagonists that all get a chance to shine in the adventure scenes so none of them are a frustrating useless protagonist.
Joe is proven to be a likable character, and he has a unique look.

The movie doesn't use any filler scenes, is entertaining movie start to end, good dialogue. Also, the Metropolis city Chicago gets shown off with multiple locations, memorable lines, a main issue that doesn't have an easy solution, entertaining antagonists, great acting, likable distinguishable protagonists, well-done singing scenes, entertaining dramatic scenes using heights, multiple adventurous scenes with stakes, romance that naturally fits in the movie, a satisfying resolution for a subplot, unforgettable satisfying ending, and a movie that finds the perfect scenes to use the romance song Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals.
All the protagonists are played by actors including Chris an 18-year-old played by Elisabeth Shue are believable visibly for the inferable ages of the protagonists.

Horse Sense

A great drama movie about Michael an entertaining irresponsible unlikable protagonist that learns the value of responsibility, and also about loyalty and love when he works for free for a month at his Cousin Tommy's Ranch in Montana which the movie provides a solid reason for.
The movie provides a solid understandable reason why Michael changes, and his becoming a likable protagonist is believable.
Matthew Lawerence makes a cameo appearance as a Cowboy in the Airport scene, and I noticed Brink a Disney Channel original skater drama movie is shown on the big screen tv when Michael is showing Tommy the tv and the high amount of movies.

The conflict is a financial debt flaw that can't easily be resolved, the movie provides a realistic understandable reason for why exactly the financial debt flaw started also got worse. I do enjoy this Disney Channel tv movie providing a strong believable reason for the realistic believable solution so that the satisfying resolution is because of solid great writing instead of terrible writing.

Joey Lawerence is the right age that I could believe Michael is a 20-year-old man going to College which might be the unstated University Los Angeles, and most likely Tommy played by Andrew Lawerence is under 16 because no information that Tommy has his driver's license.
Tommy is meant to be the exact opposite of Michael, and he is a likable protagonist that enjoys the Rancher life, riding a horse, living in Montana.
The movie has a natural progression for Michael changing, and why exactly Michael is able to think of a realistic solution that he uses is believable.
This movie was made in the era of Flip Cellphones which was entertaining, the movie gives solid evidence that Michael is a changed protagonist that cares about being a better person that can make a desired change in the world.
Mule is an entertaining Native American protagonist that stands out as unique since a Rancher character is not a dime a dozen for a Native American character.
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Adding to my previous post:

Creed 3- Michael B. Jordan did such a great job in his directorial debut. I don't feel the absence of Stallone hurt this movie at all. Jordan knew what he was doing and he executed very well. I have always been a fan of great boxing movies and Creed 3 joins the list.

A Christmas Story Christmas- I was late viewing this one, but I am a long time fan of the original. The original runs on my television every Christmas Eve and that will never change. A Christmas Story Christmas does do the original justice, but there were some missing elements that I wish they would have included. This one is more sentimental and I was okay with that.

This Is The End- I've seen this one multiple times and I still feel that this is one of the most underrated comedies out there. It didn't get a ton of push in its original run but if you like to laugh a lot, you need to see it. The cast is incredible.
Movies I’ll be writing reviews for.

(1994) Lassie
What Women Want
Magic Mike’s Last Dance
Happy Gilmore
Showdown in Little Tokyo
Secret Society Of Lies
Thrashin- Man, it's cheesy and it is so 80's, but it stands its ground. Loved it the first time I saw it, loved it the other night.

All The Right Moves- Such an underrated football movie that does not get the recognition it deserves.
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(2023) 65

A terrific Science Fiction Action Movie set on Prehistoric Earth when the dinosaurs existed.
Mills is shown to be a likable protagonist that has struggles which is good because it's boring watching a movie where a protagonist can do mostly anything to succeed, and doesn't have any flaws that he or she struggles with.
Koa is also shown to be a likable protagonist so the movie succeeds in having suspense since I didn't want the 2 protagonists to die in a world where they could realistically get killed by the dinosaurs or a stated ticking clock.

The movie shows a strong plausible scientific reason why is Mills stranded on Prehistoric Earth.
Koa is the other protagonist, and she is shown to be a kid that does make mistakes which is realistic.

The prehistoric Earth looks amazing, outer space looks amazing, also the dinosaurs look very realistic and terrific, and prehistoric Earth looks excellent including the trees, water, etc.
The Space Ship was very unique looking, also unique looking are outer space suits which are made for easy mobility much like Nascar Racing 1 piece suits.
I did enjoy that the guns looked very futuristic much like guns in the Judge Dredd universe, and information for the number of bullets is visible. I'm very happy this movie didn't use the awful writing cliche which is characters are using guns that have a vast amount of ammo.
Also, the navigation device is futuristic looking like it was made by the Star Trek Enterprise.
While this movie did have an open ending it didn't have any sequel bait so I won't be unhappy if the movie doesn't get a sequel.
This movie had a big budget, and nothing looked cheap or awful.

Koa is shown to be a competent protagonist that has agency which I enjoy because I had no desire to watch an awful-written movie that has 1 competent protagonist.

The climax has high stakes, a high amount of entertaining action, an objective that can't be easily achieved, and a ticking clock that is moving close to ending.

An entertaining great science fiction action movie that has 2 likable flawed protagonists that have an achievable challenging objective, a consistently serious tone, an impressive looking space ship that is shown moving, a plausible ticking clock that gets introduced before the climax, good action scenes, suspense, a variety of excellent-looking dinosaurs, amazing-looking prehistoric earth, high-stakes climax, the entertaining outcome of the ticking clock expired or running out, and a memorable ending.

(1990) Total Recall

A great science fiction action movie that succeeds at having ambiguity because it's never stated if the ending is reality or a dream, and it's never stated are the adventures that Douglas has a dream or reality.
Good action scenes, good dialogue, well-done twists, ambiguity, an unforgettable colonized Mars set in the year 2084, likable protagonists, an original soundtrack with songs that fit the scenes, a consistent serious tone, entertaining 1 liners, hardcore violence, unique antagonists including a great main antagonist that does use a monologue to a protagonist, high stakes, protagonists that have an understandable objective, awesome futuristic technology, and a well done ambiguous ending.

The movie respects the audience because why Douglas is having reoccurring dreams is never conclusively stated, the movie gives enough valuable information for the audience to make conclusions in this intentional ambiguity science fiction action movie, and the unforgettable ambiguous ending is open to the audience to decide is it reality or is it a dream.
The multiple twists in this movie are well done.

Mars for the outside area with the red atmosphere looks awesome.
I do greatly enjoy this movie provides believable reasons why in multiple scenes why a villain doesn't use an obvious solution because of seeing the obvious drawback instead of annoying me with that's what happened because of terrible writing.

A standout detail for a subway train is TVs playing advertisements because I've never ridden on a subway train that has TVs.

Cohaagen is an unforgettable charismatic main villain that has a believable motivation for why he doesn't want the rebels to win which he explains to Richter, Richter is an entertaining right-hand man that does most of the dirty work along with the brigade that does dirty work for Cohaagen.
Douglas is a likable protagonist that has to discover his hidden past, and he has a challenging achievable objective.
Melina is the love interest, and she is shown to be a competent protagonist that has agency instead of a terribly written main character that doesn't do anything useful.
Lori is an entertaining villain working as a secret agent, and she doesn't have an issue with getting her hands dirty.

Lori fighting Melina is a well-done realistic fight scene.

The hologram watch is unforgettable because the hologram does get used in multiple entertaining action scenes.
The special effects look amazing including the mutants, the hologram, an advanced mask of a woman's face worn by Douglas, etc.
The movie does show off a colonized Mars set in 2084 that has a variety of locations including multiple bars.
Even though this movie has Arnold as Douglas Quaid using memorable 1 liners except it's not the inside-the-box Arnold action movie because it's a futuristic science fiction action movie set on a colonized Mars with intentional ambiguity, futuristic technology, unique antagonists, a company known as Rekall that can implant realistic false memories, a well done ambiguous ending, etc.

The movie has hardcore violence much like Robocop which also is a science fiction movie directed by Paul Verhoeven.
It's very believable that the reactor was built by Aliens because visibly shown is an implication that the aliens in this movie have a thumb and three fingers, and because of the dialogue about whom exactly built the reactor stated by Melina.
Fool's Rush In

A romance movie that has 2 realistic flawed likable main characters, Isabel and Alex. Alex is an average-looking guy so it's not unbelievable that he would be married to Isabel a 10 because she is a babe played by Salma Hayek.

The movie lives up to its literal title, the movie has a big budget so it's set mostly in Las Vegas and was filmed in that fabulous city. Another location is New York City which is where Alex Whitman is from.
Isabel says a line to Alex in this movie that everything in life is predestined so it's mostly her saying God has a master plan for every human which is believable because she is a Catholic.
Isabel is a Catholic so it's believable she would pray to God, also talk positively about Jesus Christ, and have an item that shows Jesus Christ on a cross in their home, and the movie doesn't attempt to be preachy with information about God and Jesus Christ.
Also, the movie provides evidence for the whole God has a master plan for everyone with the trick being to look at the signs or read the signs.
Jeff is Alex's best friend that succeeds as comic relief, succeeds in saying entertaining lines, and is shown to be a likable character.
Both Alex and Isabal have exciting jobs which from what I understand are being shown accurately.

The movie uses existing songs that fit the scenes, characters consistently act realistic including when Isabel finds out a surprising revelation about Alex.
The movie gives enough information about why Cathy Stewart wants to date Alex Whitman, and she is shown to be an entertaining likable character. I enjoy this movie provides something different for why exactly the break up happens instead of being uncreative and predictable by using the misunderstanding cliche which has been used a lot in Romance movies.
Isabel is a photographer which the movie succeeds showing that.

The movie has great messages, also realistic issues that Alex and Isabel have to deal with.
The movie provides a believable reason why Alex and Isabel's relationship changed to a serious relationship. Anything that should be explained or have a believable reason for happening this movie has including why exactly did a relationship not end with a 1-night stand, and why exactly Alex decided to change which is not a plot hole because the movie provides a strong understandable reason.
The movie uses a sad song I wonder by Chris Isaak is used in a perfect scene, I do cry during what is the saddest scene in this realistic romance movie.

The movie has an unforgettable great ending that satisfied me.
This is a movie that shows realistic issues which humans are going to struggle with, however still has an optimistic tone because of the whole set in a universe where Isabel a Catholic believes that God has a master plan for everyone, and the whole trick is to see the signs.

The Art of Racing In The Rain
Good dialogue, memorable lines, drama, romance that isn't shoehorned in, exciting racing scenes, 3 Real Ferrari Cars being shown in driving scenes, entertaining likable supporting characters, 4 likable distinguishable main characters including Enzo the male golden retriever dog, a variety of locations. The Ferrari Automotive maker does get shown in this movie. The movie shows a realistic depiction of time including Enzo shown as a fully grown golden retriever which is logical because Enzo was a puppy when Denny acquires him.

The movie shows a realistic length of time before Denny starts driving as a Formula 1 Racer.
The movie shows Enzo to be an active character that uses important actions.
The movie has an incredible ending that satisfied me.

This movie is told from the perspective of a male Golden Retriever dog that has the name Enzo, and he is named after Enzo Ferrari the creator of the Legendary Automobile Maker that also has a Formula 1 Racing team that is Ferrari.
Kevin Costner that is the inner voice of Enzo is perfect.

The romance in this movie is not shoehorned in, also the movie does show off the main location which is Seattle. Also, Denny is shown wearing a Seattle Mariners cap.
The movie gives information about what is Eve's paying occupation which is an honorable job.
The movie provides a believable reason why Denny meets Eve, a realistic progression for the relationship, and they have chemistry.

The movie does deal with death because 1 main character does die because of a real disease.
The poster for this movie is accurate because Denny does drive a Classic Red Ferrari with Enzo in the same classic Red Ferrari.

I enjoyed that this movie does show a Ferrari LaFerrari being driven because that is a Supercar, and a LaFerrari is a production car that is extremely close to a Formula 1 car.
I also enjoyed this movie for 1 scene does show a Ferrari Pista moving because I will be driving a Ferrari Pista on a Las Vegas Racetrack in the future.

The movie is based on the successful Fiction Drama book of the same name.
The movie has great messages including believing in yourself and your dreams, and you can accomplish your high-bar career goal even if people around you want to discourage you.
Another great message is death is inevitable for humans, a family can still be less sad if a family member is with the family instead of in a hospital where visiting hours are limited. Also, 1 main character facing death with fearlessness is well done most likely because that main character thought of being at peace, and because the main character might have the peace of knowing she'll go to Heaven.

This movie was made for me because of the amazing ending, has a likable male golden retriever dog as one main character Enzo, Ferrari Cars, Race scenes, and is set in Seattle the same great City that is where the University of Washington is.
Other reasons this movie was made for me are stated below.
I'm a fan of the Washington Huskies Baseball team, Men's Basketball team, Men's Soccer team, and Football team.
Italy does get shown in this movie.
Ferraris are my favorite Sports Cars and SuperCars, Red is my favorite color, and the only dog I've had is a male golden retriever named Riley.
The Lincoln Lawyer
This movie is based on the Lawyler Drama high-selling fiction book of the same name.
A drama movie set in the realistic world of Los Angeles with interesting flawed characters, the twists are well-done, entertaining, and not entirely obvious. Los Angeles does get shown off with multiple locations, good dialogue, also memorable lines, the characters consistently act realistic, also fit the scenes including the serious dramatic scenes, the movie has stakes for both antagonists and protagonists with no easy solution, an entertaining high stakes dramatic climax, also a solid entertaining open ending.
Mickey a defense attorney is shown to be a likable charismatic protagonist, and the movie provides a strong explanation for why is he a defense attorney since a defense attorney is usually going to get clients guilty of the crime or crimes that they are on trial for.

Also shown to be a likable protagonist is his car driver Earl a black man that wears expensive clothes, and wears a flat black hat. Most likely Mickey likes Earl as a business partner because he does state an important line that gives this implication.
The movie succeeds in being entertaining from start to finish.
The antagonists are entertaining well written characters that have understandable motivations for their goals. The movie bringing up a failure by Mickey from a past case is not shoehorned in because it fits with the main plot.
While Matthew McConaughey has played Lawyer protagonists in past movies including in A Time To Kill that doesn't change that The Lincoln Lawyer is outside the box new territory for the talented great charismatic actor from Texas.

The movie does a great job of exploring realistic issues, anything that should get explained does get explained including why exactly Louis Roulet carries a certain style of knife, and how a woman can be a predator is shown in a realistic way that can't be criticized as exploitative or terrible writing.

A great Violent Revenge Action Thriller movie set in a realistic world of Los Angeles. This is a Death Wish style movie.

Bo Laramie sees the high drawback of becoming a famous Hollywood actor. The movie has cameos from celebrities playing themselves including a highly entertaining cameo by Mel Gibson.
The movie provides a believable explanation for why the Paparazzi Photographers have the motivation to take pictures of celebrities without consent besides the obvious making cash motive.
The 4 Antagonists are all distinguishable entertaining characters, and the movie shows a believable reason why Rex Harper is the main antagonist.

1 Action Scene in this movie was obviously inspired by a real world infamous event involving the Paparazzi so it's art imitating life.

This movie has great action scenes, an original soundtrack with music that fits the scenes, a serious tone that fits the genre of this Action Thriller movie, flawed likable protagonsits, well-written antagonists, drama, characters that consistently act believable, realistic issues, Los Angeles does get shown off with multiple locations which not surprising because the budget is 20 Million Dollars, a suspenseful climax, a main conflict that gets introduced early, no filler scenes, good dialogue, issues that have resolutions, and an entertaining open ending.

Bo is creative with his revenge instead of being redundant so the writer may have been inspired by The Crow.
The movie avoids the terrible writing cliche that is characters giving incomplete answers that the audience can't understand because anything that should be explained does get explained.

The movie does a great job showing why Bo Laramie wants violent vengeance toward the 4 remorseless Paparazzi photographers that are the antagonists. Also, like The Crow and (1987) Robocop, the movie shows the Antagonists as remorseless Villains that the audience should hate because of using unforgivable actions that cross a line of no return which is why I was rooting for the likable protagonist Bo to achieve his violent revenge goal.

Bo is shown to be a relatable character including watching his kid play a Soccer game, shopping for groceries, etc.

(2000) Mother's Got a Date With a Vampire

A Disney Channel original Horror Action movie that has a fitting literal title.
This is a very original movie with a Vampire which stands out since Vampires as main characters have been used in multiple movies outside of the multiple adaptations of Dracula including The Lost Boys, Blade, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Fright Night, Interview With a Vampire, etc.

The actors playing the 16-year-old girl Chelsea, a 13-year-old teenager Adam, and the youngest 8-year-old boy Taylor are all the right age to be visibly believable as the stated ages of the characters in the movie. All 3 actors give good performances, and why exactly Chelsea and Adam want their mother Lynette to go out on a date is believable.
All 3 protagonists are active characters that have understandable goals.
The movie shows a factual reason why 1 protagonist sees unmistakable visual evidence that Dimitri is a Vampire, also 2 other scenes show a different protagonist seeing visible evidence that Dimitri is a vampire.

I'm very happy that the whole main character not being believed by others that Dimitri is a vampire has a believable reason instead of the uncreative terrible writing that it's a Horror movie cliche without a solid reason shown in the movie.
The tv movie has a big enough budget to show multiple locations, also a Red Ferrari car that Dimitri drives, and the movie shows a car dealership where Dimitri bought the Red Ferrari.

Anything in the movie that should get explained does get explained, the movie is very entertaining with past technology that is the not fast Internet era, and Malachi Van Helsing a Vampire Hunter that has a pager and a flip cellphone.
Malachi Van Helsing is a likable protagonist with a Brown hat that makes me think of Indiana Jones and he wears common work clothes including a trench coat. It's never stated if he's related to Professor Van Helsing the same Vampire Hunter that hunted Dracula so less is more.

Malachi is shown to be a competent protagonist, and I was rooting for him to succeed with his objective because he is a likable protagonist.

Demitri Denatos played by Charles Shaughnessy gives an entertaining great performance as an evil vampire that has an understandable motivation for his goal. Demitri is shown to be a formidable adversary that can't be easily defeated, and the movie does show he has a low-range telekinesis similar to the Force from Star Wars, and a limited range of mind control.
Entertaining action scenes, the music fits the scenes, no filler scenes, the romance is not shoehorned in because it fits in the main plot, drama, high-quality costumes, great looking props, high stakes, a formidable unforgettable evil Vampire, a likable Vampire Hunter, 3 likable protagonists, good acting, memorable lines, good dialogue, and characters that consistently act believable.
Charles has a lot of fun playing an evil villain in a serious Disney Channel tv Horror movie. I'm very happy this is a Horror movie that shows the Vampire Dimitri as a terrifying villain instead of showing an unscary vampire in a not Rated R Disney Channel Horror tv movie.
The movie has an unforgettable entertaining open ending, and I'm happy a sequel wasn't made mainly because this movie works best as not having a sequel similar to the great remake The Italian Job, Cellular, The Running Man, Total Recall, etc.

2 Movies I still need to write reviews for is Fool's Rush In, and The Art of Racing In The Rain which does have 2 great Red Ferraris shown including a Red Ferrari LaFerrari that was made to be the definitive Ferrari car.
Magic Mike's Last Dance

A highly entertaining great romance movie that stands on its own as the third movie in the Magic Mike Movie series.
The movie provides a believable reason why Mike lost his furniture business which is why it is believable he's working as a bartender.

The movie has great dancing scenes, drama, romance, a ticking clock, music that fits the scenes, a variety of locations, good dialogue, a believable drawback for a divorce, 2 likable flawed protagonists that have an achievable goal, and entertaining other protagonists including the butler Victor.
I did greatly enjoy that Mike directing a romance play that has obvious flaws that are addressed does greatly get changed, and he makes it a modern version that stands greatly on its own even though Isabel Ascende does have elements of the original.

The movie shows a believable reason why the relationship between Maxandra and Mike would realistically progress toward a serious romantic relationship.
The comedy in this movie is well done, and the drama is believable because the movie provides believable reasons.

The movie has very dirty dancing that fits in the movie.
The movie stands out with Salma Hayek as Maxandra Mendoza because Maxandra wears modest tight dresses that show off her big curves.
So even though Maxandra is dressing modestly she isn't dressing like a nun which would make her challenging to look at.
Also, the movie provides a believable reason for why Maxandra and Mike sleep together instead of it just happening because of flimsy writing that's what the writer wrote.
It's not a plot hole that characters contradict a stated detail because the movie provides a believable reason why it's not a plot hole, and the movie respects the audience enough to understand why it's not a plot hole instead of having a character outright state the reason.

I do enjoy this romance movie respects the audience because it's not outright stating things to the audience including why exactly Mike and Maxandra delay getting together.

Mike and Maxandra have chemistry, and I did enjoy this movie does reshow romantic scenes that gave strong evidence that Maxandra and Mike were going to get together before this movie ended so it's earned for them to get together.

Anything that should get explained does get explained including Maxandra being rich since her ex-husband is making vast cash with multiple businesses, and the movie provides a good reason why they got a divorce instead of something flimsy such as stating irreconcilable differences because that's an easy reason the writer can give without having to provide details which for me is flimsy writing.

Happy Gilmore

A unique comedy golf movie about a man that joins the PGA tour to pay the money his grandma owes the IRS.
The movie gives believable reasons why Happy loves hockey, and the movie shows why he can't be a successful hockey player despite having the determination to be a successful hockey player, having the ability to hit a puck, and having no issue with being aggressive which is needed given the very nature of Hockey is it's a physical violent contact sport.
I do enjoy 1 main message showing "You can do anything you put your mind to." this is wrong because that's rose-colored glasses' ridiculous optimism since the movie outright shows Happy is a component golfer, and Virginia saying to Happy face it you are a golfer, and Happy's ex-girlfriend saying he's not any good as a Hockey player which the movie showed is exactly right in the tryout scene by showing conclusive flaws including he's not a competent skater which is 1 required skill for a Hockey player.
The primary advantage Happy has as a Golfer is he can hit the golf ball a far distance like he's the Babe Ruth of Golfers, and he has an obvious weakness which Chubs Peterson his mentor helps him with so he'll have a realistic chance of defeating Shooter Mcgavin.

The romance in the movie with Happy and Virginia is believable with realistic progression, it's not shoehorned in the movie, Happy and Virginia have chemistry, and I'm very happy the movie doesn't use the inane cliche love at first sight, 2 characters that have nothing in common or no chemistry, or any other nonsensical romance movie cliche.

The comedy is well done because the movie succeeded in making me laugh.
The movie does give multiple warranted explanations for why Happy Gilmore is not removed from the PGA Tour after he used actions that are not in the box of acceptable behavior for a Professional Golfer.

This movie doesn't have any filler scenes and moves fast because introduces the main flaw in this movie that Happy can realistically solve with a certain amount of cash, a ticking clock stated early in the movie, and all scenes in the movie advance the plot.
This is the only golf movie that has a Golfer that fights an Alligator, and also a Golfer that isn't wearing the common inside-the-box Golfer clothes.

I did enjoy the movie briefly using the great song I Love Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas shortly before Happy Gilmore goes into a building during a Cocktail party.

Shooter Mcgavin is an unforgettable charismatic great antagonist that has an understandable goal which is he wants to win the prized Gold Jacket. Even though he's a jerk he's not wrong with his complaint about Happy being a disgrace to the game.
He does become a Villain because he does cross the Moral Horizon line.

Happy succeeds in making Pro Golf very fun.

Happy fighting Bob Barker is an unforgettable scene including what Bob says to Happy, the entertaining sound effects when Bob punches Happy, etc.

The climax has high stakes and is very suspenseful.

A great comedy movie that succeeds at being funny, has romance, a likable protagonist, also likable other protagonists including the mentor Chubs Peterson, entertaining golf scenes, the unforgettable charismatic main antagonist with an awesome name, the protagonist and antagonist both have achievable goals with believable motivations, a ticking clock, good dialogue, unforgettable lines, and the ending satisfied me.
What Women Want

A highly entertaining romance comedy movie that has a very unique premise which is 1 protagonist a man Nick Marshal gets the power to hear what women are thinking in their heads which he can't turn off.
The movie shows a reason, and movie shows a reason why he loses this power. The movie respects the audience because it never states a detailed explanation if it's Fate that is responsible for giving him this power, The Almighty or Creator of the Universe aka God, Eros the God of love of Greek Mythology, etc.

The movie is set in Chicago and is filmed in Chicago.
I'm very happy this movie is realistic because Nick Marshall a Chicago advertising executive a high-paying job which is why him living in a Chicago Condo which is very believable. Also very realistic is Lola lives in an apartment that is in the area of a Chicago subway so the drawback of that movement does happen like an Earthquake, and very realistic that she would live in that apartment because she works at a coffee shop.

Lola hasn't succeeded in becoming an actor so it's very believable she would have an ordinary job working at a coffee shop before she becomes an actor.

The movie provides a believable reason why Nick changes as a character, and why Nick Marshall would use the right action in the climax which has an obvious drawback for him which does get outright stated by Darcy Macguire.

The movie provides a strong realistic reason why Darcy Macguire got divorced which I enjoy instead of something flimsy such as she wasn't compatible with the man she married.
She is reliable in saying what she honestly thinks so people can trust her to be honest.

I greatly enjoy that this movie has Erin shown on a payphone talking to Nick because since most people have cellphones the era of payphones in a high amount of locations ended.

The movie has a Metroplis US City Chicago that does get shown off for multiple locations, Nick changing as a character for believable reasons, distinguishable likable characters, well-done comedy, romance with Nick and Darcy that is not shoehorned in, memorable lines, good dialogue, characters that consistently act realistic including Nick very surprised he has the power to hear what women are thinking, an entertaining realistic portrayal of an advertising company that does advertising for other companies and corporations, realistic outcomes for issues, shows real life is messy including a usable solution that is the right action can have a drawback for the person using the right action, a likable character that Erin the file girl which feels very invisible, a happy ending that is earned with the 2 protagonists getting together.
The movie has multiple romance scenes between Nick and Darcy, the movie provides realistic obstacles, and I'm very happy this romance movie doesn't use the nonsensical cliche love at first sight, 2 characters that have no chemistry get together, a woman that looks amazing after she stops wearing glasses and with some change involving her hair, etc.

The movie provides a believable reason why Nick reconciles with his daughter, and why he wants to be an involved father with his daughter Alex. Also why he wants to offer a great job to Erin isn't unbelievable, and the movie provides a convincing reason why Erin thought of committing suicide.
Also, Nick lies to Lola for an understandable reason because telling her the truth would have an obvious drawback for Lola. That's why Nick can't be criticized as wrong for this action.

Pretty women do work at Coffee shops in the real world so Lola played by Marisa Tomei is art-imitating life.

The movie does show a pitch to Nike for a great woman running on a road commercial that would be targeted at women.

Lassie (1994)

A great family adventure movie about the famous valiant fictional collie, and the movie deals with realistic issues.
The movie never states how exactly the mother died however most likely it was from some real-world disease with no available cure.
The1 nitpick as an adult that I noticed is I find it very unbelievable that Sam didn't block the open area where Lassie was able to escape. Lassie is put in a barn, and the movie does show unmistakable factual evidence that Lassie has only 1 way of escaping a barn after Sam locks the door.
While this escape did involve the challenge of a successful jump that doesn't change it's an unbelievable oversight since the movie fails to provide a reason why Sam didn't block the open area with wood, wire, or something strong because most likely he understands that a collie has the ability to run and successfully escape by jumping through the open area.

The movie has a great original soundtrack with music that fits the scenes including a dramatic escape scene that can't be easily achieved by Lassie.
The movie does show off Franklin Falls in Virginia which I enjoyed. I was highly impressed that this movie most likely used a real wolf and other real animals including sheep.
The movie consistently remains grounded in a realistic world including showing realistic time travel for a family that is driving to Franklin Falls, Virginia takes more than 3 hours because the starting location of the long drive is Baltimore, protagonists that are learning to live a satisfying life after the mother died, etc.
This movie consistently provides explanations for anything that should be explained including why exactly the Turner family moves to Virginia since it's unmistakable they weren't having any issues living in Baltimore, why Matt changes his mind about wanting to stay in Virginia after the father got a desirable job offer in Baltimore since the movie made it obvious with a strong reason why Matt was unhappy with the family moving to Virginia, any of the drama happening in the movie has understandable reasons, etc.

The movie consistently showed Lassie as a likable character including a valiant hero in multiple entertaining action scenes, Matt is a protagonist that does change for a believable reason, and he is shown to be a likable protagonist.
This movie succeeds at showing the other protagonists are also likable including 2 caring parents Laura and Steve, the sister Jennifer, the grandfather Len Collins, and the love interest April Porter played by Michelle Williams.
The movie shows a realistic progression of Matt and Lassie's relationship including why Matt would stop disliking Lassie and decides to start liking Lassie.

Also, all the actors are the right age because it's visibly believable that Matt, April, and 2 antagonists Josh and Jim are all the same age in the movie. Also, all adult characters are played by adults. Jennifer being younger than Matt is believable because she is played by an actor that is younger than Tom Guiry that plays the older brother Matt Turner.

This movie gets the portrayal of a gun completely right because Josh has an achievable chance of killing Lassie with a rifle, and it's very realistic that Matt's parents hear a gunshot from the rifle since they aren't an extremely far distance away from where the outside area where the climax happens.

The 3 antagonists Sam Garland and his 2 sons Jim and Josh are all entertaining memorable antagonists that all have a believable motivation for their main goal. Josh and Matt compete for April without it being outright said because the movie respects the audience enough to understand that.

Also, it's understandable why this movie has drama between Matt and Josh because of a believable reason. The movie respects the audience because Josh never states the exact reason why he hates Matt.

This movie does show realistic issues, however, it still has a glass-is-half-full tone which is why I won't be depressed when I watch this family adventure movie.
The movie has a great ending that satisfied me, and it was completely earned.

I did enjoy the clothes fit the era this movie is set in which is 90s including Matt wearing multiple colors of the timeless Chuck Taylor shoes, a music Video on the channel MTV when MTV Provided mostly entertainment for Music, and he uses a tape player.
Also, I do enjoy the clothes Matt is wearing which are plaid vests that I wish would get brought back, common bandanas, and timeless multiple-colored Chuck Taylor shoes.
Guilty at 17

An entertaining good drama movie with twists.
The movie does give a conclusive answer if the High School Teacher Gilbert Adkins is guilty or innocent of molesting the high school student Devon Cavanor which is what Devon Cavanor accused him of.
I enjoy this movie doesn't make it entirely apparent before the reveal if Gilbert Adkins is innocent or guilty of what Devon accused him of. The movie does give hints about the answer before the reveal.
The movie shows takes place in 2014 because Gilbert is talking to June using a video call shown on a laptop, also the cellphones had the same advantages as cellphones in 2014.

The actors playing High School characters including Devon, Traci, etc are all the right age because it's visibly believable that they are High School students instead of being like Scream, and other movies where adults that look more believable as college students are playing High School Students.

The climax has suspense and stakes.
The movie has multiple scenes that are well done for suspense. The antagonists are well-written flawed antagonists that have believable motivations for their wrong actions, and the protagonists are shown to be flawed well written likable characters that have achievable objectives with believable motivations.

The ending satisfied me, the twists are well done, good dialogue good acting, a variety of locations, any details that should be filled in do get filled in, stakes for the antagonists and protagonists, and the movie has great messages including telling the truth even if it's hard to do because it's the right action, and won't remove the irreparable damage of what has happened. Also, the movie doesn't have a plot hole when a protagonist delays using a usable solution.

Traci Scott is shown to be a likable flawed character which I enjoyed, and she is shown to be a strong female character that has agency.

June in this movie is mostly supposed to be a Sam Gerard-style character except she is convinced that Gilbert Adkins is innocent of molesting Devon Cavanor so her objective is to find evidence to prove Devon lied about Gilbert Adkins molesting her.

Showdown In Little Tokyo

A great buddy action movie that has 2 badass protagonists that are the Los Angeles cop Chris Kenner played by Dolph Lundgren an American that was raised in Japan, and his new partner Johnny Murata played by Brandon Lee.
Dolph Lungren is a Martial Arts Expert in real life so he could easily defeat foes with how Chris does in this movie, and he does have impressive upper body strength which is why I say he really could lift a car to change the position so that it's on 1 side.

Chris did an unforgettable perfect time punch and kick move at the same time with 2 Yakuza mobsters moving in the exact right area which will always be remembered as an unforgettable high bar achievement much like Raphel doing a spin kick that hits multiple foot soldiers in the movie (1990) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and multiple impressive achievements by John Wick in the 3 John Wick movies I've seen.

The movie shows Johnny and Chris are both expert Martial Artists since they do smash foes that are Yakuza Mobsters.
The movie does a great job at the show don't tell why exactly Chris wants to kill Yoshida becuase a valuable flashback scene shows the reason.

I did enjoy this movie gave a believable reason why the Yakuza Mobsters don't kill Chris and Johnny when they had the chance in 1 scene instead of the terrible writing cliche that is the writer failing to provide a reason why the antagonist or antagonists don't kill the protagonists.
The movie remains grounded in a grounded realistic world because Johnny and Chris being outnumbered by Yakuza Mobsters is a flaw they can't overcome for more than 1 action scene, the characters are using guns that run out of ammo, and why Yoshida the leader of the Iron Claw Clan kills a subordinate has understandable reason much like why Darth Vader killed a subordinate, and the portrayal of the Yakuza is accurate including a subordinate will cut off a finger because that's the price if a subordinate fails to achieve a task for a Yakuza leader.

The movie does a great job of showing Yoshida is a charismatic badass Los Angeles Yakuza Leader including he has no issues getting his hands dirty, is also a Martial Arts expert, and is a main antagonist that I wanted to see get killed by Chris since he is consistently shown to be a believable evil character including he has no remorse for the evil actions that he uses.
Yoshida has an understandable motivation for his main goal.
The movie has a variety of locations for action scenes, and the one-liners are entertaining. The pacing is fast since the movie shows an action scene very early and just moves fast since the protagonists are focused on achieving their achievable goal.

The climax is unforgettable with a high amount of action and does have Chris fighting Yoshida with both of them using samurai swords which is not unbelievable because they are in a location where Samurai Swords are in the area.
The movie provides a realistic understandable reason why Chris wants to achieve his violent revenge goal by killing Yoshida. Also, realistic mortality because the protagonists have obvious drawbacks from wounds.
I did enjoy that Yoshida fighting Chris is an entertaining final battle that has suspense much like Darth Vader fighting Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.

Minako played by Tia Carrere isn't just in this movie as eye candy because Minako is shown to be a good singer, also she could provide valuable testimony that Yoshida is responsible for murdering Angel.

Chris Kenner has unforgettable incredible feats for the action scenes, and since he does have great upper body strength which is why it's not unbelievable that he was able to lift a car to change the position of a car so that it's one 1 side.
True Lies

A great Cameron action movie that has Arnold playing an American Spy that works for a fictional organization that mostly seems inspired by the British Secret Intelligence Service which the badass Spy James Bond works for.

The movie gives a stated believable reason for what is the cover for Harry since his wife and daughter don't know he is an American Spy.

The movie has entertaining action scenes, explosions, well-done comedy, and entertaining memorable 1 liners that are mostly used by Arnold as Harry. Also, Albert is an entertaining comic relief protagonist, and the movie gives a believable reason why Harry thinks that his wife Helen is having an affair.
The movie gives an understandable reason why the Islamic Jihadist Aziz and his organization have the desire to attack the USA. The movie has impressive advanced technology including a tracking system, and stated details for advanced sunglasses, giving the person the advantage of seeing behind him or her.

1 of the best 1 liner's from Arnold is used in the movie during the climax, and what happens with an action scene involving a missel seems like it is from a Looney Tunes cartoon.

I'm very happy that this movie respects the audience because the audience can think of a believable reason why Harry doesn't tell his daughter and wife that he is a Spy.
The horse would have been unable to jump to the hotel because of the long distance so this movie is using realistic physics even though it's not every scene.

The movie gives a believable explanation of why a used cars salesman doesn't have an issue having sex with women that he knows are married.
1 glaring flaw I can't overlook is it's an unbelievable oversight that a group of terrorists would not have one armed terrorist watching the device that has the valuable key which can be used to use the destructive weapons.

Black Sheep

This movie has comedy that is well done, a straightforward entertaining story, entertaining realistic antagonists, and entertaining realistic protagonists.
The climax has high stakes, and the satisfying outcome is well-earned because of good writing.
The movie is set in multiple locations in Washington, and from what I see was filmed in Washington including Seattle.

The drama is well done when Mike learns the somber truth about the main reason why Al wants him to remain in a cabin. Mike is Al's brother. Al is running for Governor of Washington in Black Sheep.

Chris Farley and David Spade play the 2 main protagonists in Black Sheep, and they are shown to be the entertaining odd couple as Mike Donnelly and Steve Dodds.

Multiple scenes show Mike is a magnet for Murphy's Law because what can go wrong does go wrong. Mostly he is a human version of Wile E Coyote except without attempting to catch an animal.
The movie shows a believable reason for Mike proving to be a competent protagonist when needed most.

Mike is a likable protagonist that has an understandable motivation for his primary goal, and high stakes for the protagonists and antagonists.

Tracy proves to be a very unlikable antagonist because she did cross a line of no return to accomplish her main goal.

Rookie Of The Year

An entertaining comedy movie with a straightforward story, historic Wrigley Field was used in this movie along with other locations in Chicago.

The comedy is well done, with a likable main protagonist Henry Rowengartner is shown to be terrible at baseball before an accident that injures his arm. It's hilarious that the Mets in this movie are the main antagonists mainly because like the Cubs they have a history of choking.
The best Met's batter Heddo is an entertaining main antagonist, and he has a priceless reaction in the climax.

The movie is very 90s with Henry wearing the common stripes t-shirt when that was a very common style.

I'm happy this movie respects the audience because while one of Henry's friends is very likely envious that Henry plays for the Cubs, that is never outright stated. The tension between Henry and George isn't unbelievable, and their reconciliation is not contrived or unbelievable.
The owner of the Cubs Bob Carson is shown to be a likable character mainly because he respects why Henry states why he'll be retiring after the regular season ends.
The dialogue is good, and characters consistently act realistic including when Chet Steadman gets told disappointing news.
The romance between Chet and Mary is not shoehorned in.
Daniel Stern as Phil Brickma succeeds as a comedic character including when he gets stuck between two doors.

The movie provides a shown reason why he gains the extraordinary ability to throw a baseball equal to a MLB pitcher so it's not unbelievable that he gets the opportunity to play for the Chicago Cubs.
Barry Bonds played for the Pirates when this movie was released, and he is shown striking out in the montage of scenes of Rowengartner throwing the baseball.

John Candy is very entertaining as the main Cubs commentator with memorable lines.
I'm happy this movie talks about why Henry's dad is absent in this movie instead of never addressing that issue.

The movie got creative for how the Cubs would get three outs after Henry lost the ability to throw the baseball in the right area.
Crocodile Dundee

An entertaining excellent action comedy movie that uses 2 locations the Australian Outback, and New York City.
Michael Dundee was never outside of Australia before visiting New York City so it's not unbelievable that he acts surprised when he sees an escalator for the first time in his life, and other things that are new for him including Hookers in New York City.

The happy ending is well-earned and memorable. The climax has a ticking clock, also realistic dialogue including Michael asking Sue why she doesn't want him to leave, and she gives a realistic strong reason.

The movie shows off the Australian Outback and New York City. Good dialogue, memorable lines, good action scenes, a realistic romance story that fits in the movie, an original soundtrack with music that fits the scenes, a badass Australian Protagonist that has a big knife, and unique clothes including a black hat with crocodile teeth attached, and realistic protagonists.

He is an adventurer that has lived in the Australian Outback, and he hunts crocodiles.
In an action scene a Limisouine driver uses 1 metal object as a boomerang which seemed intentional because Aboriginals of Australia were used for hunting and warfare.
1 Man waiting for a Train in New York City is shown wearing a Mets hat.

This is the movie that has Crocodile Dundee saying the iconic line that's not a knife. Then takes out his big knife before saying That's a Knife.
Good action scenes of Michael using the knife, also other action scenes.

The natural progression for Sue is to discover that she loves Michael Dundee after spending more than 1 day with him since she is a reporter writing a story about this famous Australian Crocodile Dundee.
It's a realistic romance story which I enjoyed.

A glaring flaw is it's not a dilemma at all for Sue to choose not to marry Richard because no great drawback for her after she discovers in a realistic amount of time that she loves Crocodile Dundee.

48 Hours

An entertaining great Action comedy movie that started the bromance cop genre. Also it's an intentional hardcore not PC movie that could not get made today.
The movie succeeds with comedy including Jack saying to Reggie class isn't something you can buy.

The angry Police Captain is a common trope so it stood out that the because when he's angry yelling at Jack he does call Reggie the abysmal N word, and he yells his response after Jack gives a compliment about Reggie as a partner.
2 reasons why he stands out as an original angry Police Captain.
It does rain in San Francisco so it would be an issue for Jack driving a car with no roof during rainy days.

Reggie Hammon has a flashy suit, and he is shown to be a compotent protagonist. He is a likable protagonist that has valuable insider information so it's very believable that Jack Cates would decide to have Reggie Hammon as his partner so that they can catch the 2 antagonists.
Jack Cates is shown to be a likable protagonsit that has flaws.
Jack has an optimistic view with a memorable line in response to a lot of bad persons in the world which the character meant bad persons that are intentionally violating laws.

The 2 antagonists are remorsless murders that are shown they don't have any issue with murdering, kidnapping, and doing anything else messy to accomplish their primary goal which does involve obtaining a high amount of money.

This is a fast paced movie much like Passenger 57 and Blade, and none of the scenes are filler.
The movie provides explanations for things that should be explained including why Luther has to wait a certain amount of time to get the money that Albert Ganz and Billy Bear want.
Billy Bear is wearing leather pants, and a leather jacket which is why I was surprised seeing him move fast because leather pants are not designed for easy mobility.

Multiple locations get shown off in San Francisco including the hills during driving scenes.
A great original soundtrack by James Horner, and the songs fit the scenes including the chase theme during a car chase scene.
The movie has a ticking clock which is 48 hours.
Good action scenes, fast pacing, 2 likable distinguishable main protagonists, 2 distinguishable main antagonists, good dialogue, memorable lines, high stakes climax, good ending, realistic portrayal of guns because characters are shown reloading.
The movie respects the audience including not giving an explanation for why Reggie covers the picture of Jack's driver's license when using Jack's San Francisco Police badge for 1 scene.
I liked the Red Dawn and Point Break remakes.

The True Grit and Robo cop remakes SUCKED.
I liked the Red Dawn and Point Break remakes.

The True Grit and Robo cop remakes SUCKED.
Tastes will differ .... but I liked the True Grit remake with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

The bond that forms over time between Cogburn and Mattie seems more genuine, than the original with John Wayne - who was just doing his same old shtick, but with an eye patch, and Kim Darby - who couldn't act.
Tastes will differ .... but I liked the True Grit remake with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

The bond that forms over time between Cogburn and Mattie seems more genuine, than the original with John Wayne - who was just doing his same old shtick, but with an eye patch, and Kim Darby - who couldn't act.
Tells me all I need to know about your taste.

The original was a John Wayne movie, I expect him to do his same old shtick. Speaking of doing the same old shtick, overrated Jeff Bridges looked comfortable in a remake of John Wayne doing his same old shtick. I'm a Matt Damon fan but he sucked butt as La Boeuf and you're just wrong about Darby.
Showdown In Little Tokyo

A great buddy action movie that has 2 badass protagonists that are the Los Angeles cop Chris Kenner played by Dolph Lundgren an American that was raised in Japan, and his new partner Johnny Murata played by Brandon Lee.
Dolph Lungren is a Martial Arts Expert in real life so he could easily defeat foes with how Chris does in this movie, and he does have impressive upper body strength which is why I say he really could lift a car to change the position so that it's on 1 side.
This may be the only time that one dumb line ruined an otherwise decent movie for me. This scene was so embarrassingly bad ... It's the first thing I think about when I see this movie mentioned .... and that's not a good thing.

^^^^ It's on pretty much every "worst line" list for movies. Deservedly so. The Room had better dialogue. Even in a jocular manner, who would ever say that? SMH.
I liked the Red Dawn and Point Break remakes.

The True Grit and Robo cop remakes SUCKED.

The Point Break Remake did stand on its own including incredible action scenes.
Also, the Red Dawn remake was pretty entertaining with an intentional cliffhanger ending.

An entertaining spoof buddy cop movies with 2 very different cops who are forced to team up on a reality show following them while they search for the main antagonist Ceasar Vargas.
The movie has a believable explanation for why Mitch Preston, played by Robert De Niro, has to team up with Trey Sellars, played by Eddie Murphy to be on the reality show that Mitch has no desire at all to be on.
Also the movie has the name of the movie showtime mentioned in the movie including the name of the reality show which fits in with the dialogue. It's not shoehorned in or contrived.
De Niro as Mitch does use emotion in multiple scenes, however, other scenes seem inspired by the Patriots Coach Belichick with the same mellow tone that Coach Belichick uses at most of the Postgame press conferences.

In the area where Mitch or Trey talk to the camera it's hilarious with scenes where Mitch is shaving his face using a electric shaver because his face has no facial hair, also he's reading the NewsPaper, loading a handgun, and polishing his badge.
Since Mitch has no desire to be on the reality tv show Showtime it's consistent with his character.

The comedy in this movie is well done because multiple lines did make me laugh including a Batcave line, and The People's Court line said by Ceasar Vargas.
The antagonistic relationship between Mitch and Trey ends for a believable reason.

An appearance of a Batmobile is shown early in the movie after Trey exits what most likely is the Warner Brothers outside Studio area.

An obvious flaw is characters in this movie using the supergun can just easily remain standing in the same area when they use it which is very nonsensical for the physics.
The Supergun does get shown off in multiple action scenes, and good action scenes including a chase scene with multiple cars in downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles does get shown off for multiple locations.

The main antagonist Ceasar Vargas has the same shade of light blonde hair as Guy Ferrari. He's an entertaining main antagonist that doesn't have an issue with getting his hands dirty and wears flashy clothes which no doubt are affordable with the high amount of illegal money he's making.

An entertaining climax that has action, and an amazing reveal of how the 2 protagonists avoid falling down from the Bonaventure Hotel.

Captain Ron

A very entertaining comedy family movie. Memorable lines, good dialogue, a high-stakes climax with action, and a satisfying ending.
The Caribbean Pirates are entertaining antagonists.

It's not unbelievable that the National Guard shows up after a short amount of time because the Harvey Family and the Carribean Pirates were close to the same area.

Similar to National Lampoon's Vacation movies the movie succeeds with comedy because of great writing.
Multiple scenes of Ron wearing a speedo which is funny for different reasons.

A standout priceless scene is Martin lecturing Ron that the camcorder is not a toy and that he read the whole owner's manual.

Martin and his family need a miracle that has a plausible reason for happening instead of being unbelievable.

Martin and his family have an achievable goal with an understandable motivation to achieve the goal.
None of the scenes are filler.
Captain Ron is a unique Boat Captain because he has an eye patch, has long hair, wears a speedo instead of swim trunks, and was in the Military.
Captain Ron is a charismatic likable protagonist, and Martin is shown to be a realistic dad including yelling at his daughter when he has an understandable reason for why he would be yelling at her.

I enjoyed the movie gives most of the protagonists' scenes to show they are competent protagonists.

This movie is set in a realistic world with Parents very surprised after Caroline stands with her boyfriend when she says she's engaged.
Also, the house that the Harvey family has looks affordable for 2 parents that have high-paying jobs.

Anything that should be explained does, and why Martin stops disliking Ron has a believable reason.
A variety of locations get shown in this movie including downtown Chicago.

A satisfying open ending.

A realistic explanation for how Ron lost 1 eye.
Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves

A great fantasy adventure movie.

Terrific quality costumes, good action scenes, good dialogue, terrific looking locations, amazing special effects including characters using magic, great looking weapons, a high stakes climax, and an entertaining open ending.

Unique protagonists have different weapons except for the Sorcerer Simon that uses magic.
The protagonists are shown to be likable characters.
The protagonists have an understandable motivation for their achievable goal, and the main antagonist has an understandable motivation for her achievable goal.
The main antagonist is a formidable adversary since she isn't quickly defeated, and also because she was able to create a regenerative dragon using magic.

The creatures including the dragons look incredible, and amazing rapidly changing maze.

The movie gives an understandable reason why the protagonists become thieves, and why they have rules.
The movie states a limitation of a teleportation device which is shown to be consistent.
Also, the movie states rules for magic.

The movie provides an explanation for a limitation for what was used to resurrect a protagonist so it's not a plot hole that it's only used on 1 protagonist.

John Wick 4

A terrific sequel that gave me closure, and doesn't have any cliffhangers which is why I'm satisfied with John Wick 4 as a final John Wick sequel.
This movie has an unanswered question about John Wick which isn't a flaw.

This sequel doesn't have any sequel bait so most likely it will be the final John Wick sequel even though it was successful at the box office, and is highly rated for quality.
Caine is a standout antagonist because he is an incredible assassin that is blind. Caine is shown to be a likable antagonist beyond him being an incredible assassin that is blind.
The movie has continuity from the third movie because of characters talking about events from John Wick 3.

Great action scenes, good dialogue, memorable lines, a very high body count with a variety of kills, multiple locations including Paris France, a ticking clock, a high stakes climax, and a satisfying ending.
Caine has an understandable motivation for his goal, the main antagonist also has an understandable motivation for his goal, and the movie gives needed details for how John Wick can accomplish his challenging goal.


An incredible action movie that is 1 of a kind which does seem inspired to be a Quentin Tarintino-style action movie including hardcore violence.

The movie stands out because not much dialogue in the movie which isn't a flaw, and the protagonist Aatami doesn't talk much. Aatami has a hunting knife that he uses to kill a Nazi.
The year the movie is set is 1944 toward the end of World War 2, and the main location is Finland which does get shown off.

The movie was hyped as John Wick Meets Mad Max which the movie lives up to.

The protagonist a Finnish Soldier Aatami is a Solitary Gold Miner, and he's killed a vast amount of Russians with the exact number not known.
The movie provides a believable reason for why the Nazis want the Gold that Aatami discovered.

He kills Nazis in a variety of violent ways and is shown he can hold his breath for a long amount of time.
A standout action scene is how Aatami avoids getting attacked by a German Shepard.

The Nazis are not incompetent antagonists because they do attempt to kill Aatami using a variety of ways.

The high-stakes climax is very entertaining, and how 1 Nazi is killed by Aatami is priceless because it mostly seems like something similar to what happens to Wile E Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons.
Guardians of the Galaxy 3

A great sequel that focuses on Rocket Raccoon includes showing information from his past and answering why he doesn't talk about his past.
This is the final James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and this final sequel in his GOTG trilogy doesn't have cliffhangers.
The Guardians have an understandable motivation for why they want to achieve their challenging objective.
Entertaining action scenes, and I noticed the different colored space suits are the same as the Original Skittles colors.

The High Evolutionary is a well-written main antagonist that has an understandable goal.
He wants to create a utopia with Counter-Earth with species devoid of evil, and all species living peacefully on a planet.
He doesn't see an issue with his inhumane experiments because he believes that's needed to create a perfect universe.
He is shown to be a formidable adversary.

The movie outright states what he does with animals when the result doesn't go according to plan.

Drax states a metaphor to Star-Lord which surprises him since Star-Lord didn't have a reason before that scene that he would understand what a metaphor is.

Entertaining heartwarming scenes.
It's stated in the movie what happens if the Guardians don't accomplish their goal before the ticking clock ends.

I was very happy Cosmo the Space Dog proved important in this movie since she used her telekinesis to keep an area together so that characters, and animals including Penguins could run to the safe area.

She has an extraordinary collar that allows her to speak telepathically to characters.

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