2022 CFP National Championship Game Thread: UGA -vs- Alabama

I don't know if Bama wins with Williams for 60 minutes, but we obviously weren't going to win without him. The young WRs simply weren't ready.

And credit UGA. But for a few dumb play calls, they kicked Bama's a** all over the field in the 2nd half.
Uncle Lou is making bank tonight...My god he's cleaning up with all the super chats and paypal gifts.....Hell i may need to start a youtube channel lol
Crazy stat: Kirby Smart is just the fourth coach since 1961 to win a National Title at his alma mater. The previous 3? All SEC coaches: Bear Bryant, Steve Spurrier and Phillip Fulmer
This game should make every single Vol fan sick. I mean both of these programs are so far out of our league it’s not even funny.
I realized for the first time tonight that I hate Georgia more than Alabama. I knew I hated them both, but there’s something about Kirby Smart that makes me want to throat punch him
Who are the Power 6?

The traditional SEC power programs. (Maybe the term for them is the conference’s
“Big 6” programs…it’s been a while since I talked about them).


The programs that the conference’s division separation was designed around: making sure they were split up in a balanced way, and that each one’s permanent-cross-divisional matchup only involved one of the three from the opposite division (and not say…Alabama playing someone like Kentucky every year or Auburn’s yearly East opponent being Vanderbilt).
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