2021 NFL Draft Thread

Aug 6, 2012
Sooner or later, these organizations are going to have to grow a pair. I'd let Rodgers rot
That would be an absolute garbage decision by the organization. I use to be like you and think I would just spite the player but it's not a smart move most of the time.

Sure if a player like Rodgers, Harden, etc. pull these shenanigans you could just make them ride the bench or sit out and get absolutely nothing. In fact you're paying them a boat load for nothing. Or you could trade them and get the most assets as possible. Where you really teach them a lesson is that you don't listen to their requests. Harden pushed for the Nets and the Rockets gave in and received terrible assets rather than going with the highest bidder. Green Bay should've traded Aaron to SF for Jimmy and another 1st or two. Otherwise, GB is gonna get nothing out of it by waiting.

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