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Aug 4, 2012
From Swanson from the RF:
NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. – Could N’Faly Dante be the game changing pick-up for a high-major program for next season? Chances look more than likely as the five-star center has the option to reclassify into the 2019 class in the coming weeks and he will have plenty of suitors to choose from.

“I haven’t really been thinking much about it. I really don’t,” he said about making the move year up and into the 2019 class. “I have just been focused on playing right now. I don’t really know. It is not that we are not trying to go, but if I can go, I will go.”
Dante just took an official visit to Kentucky a few weeks ago and, earlier this year, was on the campuses at LSU and Oregon, as all three have a chance to land Dante, regardless of whether he chooses to reclassify or not. He says Iowa Stateand Tennessee are also involved.

Kentucky: “It was good there. We talked about some things and some of the things that I want and need to know. They said that I can go whenever I want to go.”

LSU: “Any time that I visit there, the coaches and the players, they are always together. They play together and play hard.”

Oregon: “They are all just good schools to me but the team out there, they all play well together. Every time you see the team, they are all together.”


Dante touched further on the dilemma in making the move into the 2019 class. “I feel like I can play but I feel like it is all about school but I don’t think about it right now,” he said. “I might go back to high school, but I don’t really know yet.”
One of the primary hold-ups is whether Dante can qualify for college academically this fall. If he does , then the move into 2019 is likely.

Why is Dante such a priority? He is one of the best shot blockers that has been found within the high school landscape within the past five years. Standing close to 7-foot tall and with a 7-foot-6 wingspan, Dante is an instinctive and high-motored defender that is quick off of his feet around the basket and has progressively evolved into an offensive threat that can score inside and out.
His trip to Kentucky went well, by all accounts, and while Iowa State and Tennessee are also involved, the feeling is that LSU and Oregon are slightly ahead of the rest. Look for a reclassification decision to be made in the coming weeks and if he does, a commitment will come shortly thereafter


Sep 7, 2011
Unless there’s a late development, and you can’t rule anything out, it looks like Tennessee is going to have three open spots in the 2020 class, having already snagged five-star Corey Walker Jr.’s commitment. The Vols are still trying to be a factor with N’Faly Dante, the five-star big man who’s expected to reclassify into 2019, but as of now there’s no visit to campus set up. Assuming Tennessee can’t land that major prize heading into the fall with two open spots (if they land Johnson) seems ideal.
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