2018-19 Favorite Play/Moment

Jan 4, 2017
I know Edwards got 38+, but Turner played pretty good defense on him. Edwards range is insane, but Turner got screwed on that block. Great game, tho, I was mad crazy, too. After this slight down year, where, imo, UT still makes the Tourney, big time NCAA Tourney games become the norm. This '20 class is going to be monumental. When we talk about the '20 class, by '22, we will be talking about the greatest UT basketball teams of all time. I think Josiah plays 3 years and graduates before he goes pro, not because he couldn't, but because of who his family is and he is. Unless, of course, he becomes a guaranteed lottery pick, can't turn that down. Still think we get 2 years from Josiah
Edwards finished with 29 points in that game, not 38+

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