'17 FL TE Tre McKitty



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Apr 17, 2015
Chris is right, though man. Please stop jumping in on these recruit threads with absolutes like "he's going nowhere", then immediately following up saying you "don't know that much about him".

It's ok to not voice your opinion on every issue, especially if you have no knowledge of that recruit. VolNation can be a great place to come for information, but when you constantly jump in with uneducated guesses on random recruits, it gets a little tiresome. HG came in here to say watch out for this guy because he's seeing talk about McKitty potentially opening up his recruitment again, and alluded to a strong connection that McKitty and Coach Scott have had for years.

And this is probably where you will tell me that you're going to turn the other cheek like the Lord taught you, but I would hope you know the Lord teaches his followers to humble themselves and not count themselves as more important than others. Yet I constantly see you needing to have the last word in every conversation on this board. Someone make a comment about what you said? So what, that's what a board is for. Humble yourself, agree to disagree, and stop playing the victim so much. Thanks :good!:!

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