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I haven't kept up. Who other than Huff and Rain have left?
Three graduated and Layla Shell a freshman last year was not added to the current roster. Not sure if she was cut, quit or something else.
Great to see Simmonds picked for the Jamaican NT. She'll get some amazing experience is she actually gets
in any of the international matches---and perhaps could play up front with Bunny Shaw.
Simmonds was inserted into Jamaica's lineup at the 62' minute mark in its League of Nations game yesterday against Spain.
As the game went to 96', including stoppage time, she got more than 30 minutes of action against one of the world's best
teams, though I doubt she saw much of the ball in what was--and was always going to be--a one-sided contest. Spain
won 3-0 (I'm surprised the score wasn't worse) and had about 75 percent possession. Still, a good experience even if she spent
most of her time running back to the midfield area to help with defense and to try to win the ball. Even the best teams have
trouble getting the ball from Spain, with its brilliant possession game. I saw that Jamaica had 2 shots, 1 on goal. Maybe Simmonds
had one of them, not sure.
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Let's see if it's finally dawned on Kirt to ditch the 3-back system he tried, and foolishly stuck with,
all last year. With Rain and Huff gone, he might--just might--realize that it's time to change tactics.

Besides the issues of last year, we have not worked the portal well the last two years--and that's a big deal.
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