‘23 ★★★★★ Class of 2023 Commitments



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Apr 5, 2009
Will more kids follow him (Nico) to UT now? I remember things like this happening when Butch was around. We’re there some kids waiting to see where he landed?

I know Tate and Nico have daily dialogue,Kasper said also if Nico committed it would def move us to the top.This Wr class could he epic well the class in general once we add Herring,Burley,Tate,Kasper.O course its recruiting and anything can change those are just off the top of my head.Sh*t imma just sit back and enjoy this ride...
We also are right in the thick of things with an elite edge rushing prospect. And as stated above I also believe we will get Herring and Coach Gardner has very solid relationship with Vic Burley as well. This class could be ticket in competing with the big boys again. It’s an exciting time again


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For reference, as it pertains to 247 team rankings… Historically (last 5 years), assuming you sign 20 or more, an average rating of 90 puts you anywhere between 8 and 15 for team rankings. 91 correlates to 5-10. 92 correlates to 3-7. 93 to 1-5. 94 to top 3. The last 5 number 1 classes had an average of 94.91, 94.99, 92.95, 94.38, 94.23. A team has only ever had an average rating above 95 and that was alabama last year with the #2 class. The most 5 stars ever signed in a class was 8 by Texas A&M last year with the #1 class. Prior to that the record was 7, set by UGA in 2018 with the #1 class, matched only twice since (exclusive of tamu last year) by bama and ohio state both in 2021 with the #1 and 2 classes respectively. Cheers to the 2023 class, Nico, and hopefully a top 3 ranking.

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