‘Brotherhood’ helping Tennessee QB duo flourish



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Jun 20, 2008
Being quarterbacks, the expectation to lead coach Heupel’s offense falls on their shoulders. The pair understood that responsibility and have taken it very seriously. “Many times, Joe and I catch ourselves kind of being in that player-coach role. We try to show guys that there are going to be different things that hit you through this college experience, not just in the football room but in life as well,” Hooker said. “We just try to be there for the guys whenever they need us.” “Yeah, we try to lead guys the right way,” Milton added. “We don’t want to tell them wrong or let them go through the things we went through, so we try to help them early.”

...Today the pair have become great friends on and off the field with Milton describing their relationship now as a brotherhood. “We really go everywhere together,” Milton said. “We’re always around each other. If you see me, you'll see him. If you see him, you’ll see me. And if you ever see him without me, I’m probably about to pull up … It’s a brotherhood that can’t be broken for sure.”

Hooker said of their relationship, “It’s deeper than football. We push each other to be better quarterbacks, but we’re really brothers. Blood couldn’t make us any closer. If I am going through anything, Joe is the first person I am going to. We’re extremely close and we do everything together. Anytime one of us is distressed, the other one comes to the rescue. I can always count on Joe to have my back, and I am always going to have his back.”

‘Brotherhood’ Helping Tennessee QB Duo Flourish - University of Tennessee Athletics

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