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  1. tbh

    Poll: Will you go to games if it's Sonny Dykes?

    Eh, maybe a game here or there if the ticket prices are right. There are other, better options out there (plenty), but overall I'm just glad that drooling idiot who formerly occupied the HC office is gone.
  2. tbh

    Happy Birthday...

    Happy birthday, bud. I'm not far behind ya in age, and I think a few of those lights have burned out on my dash, haha.
  3. tbh


    Though his methods are a bit unorthodox, he's known for doing a great job concealing coverages and blitzes. Lots of smoke and mirrors, RPO, and flea-flickers on the offensive side of the ball as well.
  4. tbh


    It was quick and dirty, but the best I could manage on my phone in a minute or two, haha. Glad it was worth a chuckle!
  5. tbh


    Not gonna lie, this was my first thought...
  6. tbh


    No doubt, you gotta have skills...
  7. tbh

    N865UT is in NC *edit atl *edit now at TYS after a long meeting

    If you're up for some tennis and are amenable to splitting that $2.5M, I've got a proposal...
  8. tbh


    That would be bad, and the only way to make it worse would be to make a certain recently-transferred former Vol QB our QB-for-life...
  9. tbh

    What languages do you speak?

    Awesome, and congratulations! We have a family friend who originally hails from Curitiba (sp?) there in Brazil.
  10. tbh

    What languages do you speak?

    I've been down there a couple of times; my favorite spot that we visited is San Agustin, in the south of Huila. She's from Neiva (Huila) originally but has lived in Garzon for a time as well.
  11. tbh

    What languages do you speak?

    English, with an ever-growing fluency in Spanish (my wife is from Colombia), with some German thrown in for good measure.
  12. tbh

    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    In my mind, I tend to keep the two legacies of Fulmer separate regarding what I remember about a coach, he's the guy who harnessed the momentum of the Majors era and turned it into a (modern) national championship-winning program. He got too tired, or maybe too comfortable...I'm not...
  13. tbh

    Hearing N865UT spotted a looong way from home the opposing DB...for a touchdown?
  14. tbh

    What I will miss most about Jeremy Pruitt...

    The only thing I'll miss about that boneheaded fool's short tenure is the pure comedic value of those select few who made it their purpose in life to white-knight for him this past season.
  15. tbh

    What I will miss most about Jeremy Pruitt...

    Title: "Searching for a clue and a mohel" Subject: (Former) Coach Beldar Cornbread Photographer: Unknown
  16. tbh

    Who's tracking the plane?

    Nice! (Note to self: I really need to check out all the posts in the thread ahead of posting)
  17. tbh


    Coming to a theater near y'all: The Tuscaloosan Candidate? For some reason I believe that this whole affair was more a case of internal incompetence than external conspiracy...
  18. tbh

    Peyton Manning needs to be AD/Coach

    Only one other option exists: PAUL BAIN!

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