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  1. driscokid

    We are seeing how a coaching search should be conducted

    Unfortunately we are a never ending dumpster fire so choices will be slim despite what we may think out level of desirability should be
  2. driscokid

    Since we're throwing out names. Joe Brady

    Sean McVay would disagree
  3. driscokid

    Changing of the guard: Insiders

    State Run Media is a term that has had its day
  4. driscokid

    Tony Elliott (Clemson OC)

    You pay him because he knows a lot and we know very little about hiring a good coach. Given his record I’ll give whatever choice he makes an honest shot. He probably will make a better hire than any of our last 4 ADs. You can bank on that..
  5. driscokid

    Jeff Fisher comments on interest in the UT job

    Well you can’t go 8-8 on college ball so it would be a consistent 6-6...
  6. driscokid

    Basillo: Lane Kiffin wants to come home

    If Lane is willing to again ditch a school after one year then I wouldn’t want him. He’d just ditch us for the next one..
  7. driscokid

    Leaving the SEC

    Yeah let’s throw away a 100+ years of history and tradition just to win a few cupcake games. Sound like a great idea.
  8. driscokid

    Worse Shape than Penn St

    Feels the same anyway
  9. driscokid


    We haven’t been competitive with them in years. I doubt they really care that much nor would they spend any time to deep state our program
  10. driscokid

    Timing the AD & Coaching Hire - Mark Schlabach (ESPN)

    Unless they already have Gus or the guy from Iowa St locked in they should just take their time
  11. driscokid

    The Last Days Of The Trump Presidency

    I think he should quit and go to Florida and fall out of a chair like Michael Corleone at the end of Godfather III. Fitting end.
  12. driscokid

    Genius of Fulmer?

    Yeah because I hear he is quite the chess player always several moves ahead of the other guy
  13. driscokid

    Jeff Fisher comments on interest in the UT job

    Just hire Gus and get it over with
  14. driscokid

    JG to Washington State

    Pretty good
  15. driscokid

    Jimmy Dykes

    K-Pop works
  16. driscokid

    Jimmy Dykes

    Ha yeah I do but that haircut is 100% euro pop..
  17. driscokid

    The Culture of Firing - when it’s wrong

    Yeah I’m just saying that the model should change to paying more per year and a lot less buyout. It should not cost millions to get rid of a failing coach. Has to be a better way. And the big buyout is not going to stop them from leaving if they want a better job
  18. driscokid

    The Culture of Firing - when it’s wrong

    Maybe but if they were going to make 4-5 million per year just no buyout why not take it. A lot more than they were making as an assistant or coach at a small school. I’m not talking about proven winners. I’m talking about people like Pruitt and the many others like him..
  19. driscokid

    The Culture of Firing - when it’s wrong

    My opinion is that buyouts to crapshoot coaches need to stop. Give me an up and coming coach that says give me a buyout once I prove I can win in the big leagues. Should not cost $10 mil to get rid of a failure
  20. driscokid

    Jimmy Dykes

    Bailey probably the most active but Euro cost us at key moments with futile drives sort of to the basket when he could have passed it

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