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  1. CeJayVols

    Is the plane going to FL for... Heupel?

    No, I don't think DW would go that route and also take the HC from the school he left. Wouldn't be professional in my opinion and he wouldn't do that to the school he left. However, I would take his DC Randy Shannon though that being said! Lol
  2. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Guys, we got a bigtime AD in Danny White and I'm very excited and I trust him to make a good hire as our football coach. With me living in Central Florida, I can't express how much he did for UCF and creating excitement around the program both in football and basketball and even baseball with...
  3. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Mario isn't a Bammer. He is 100% Cane!
  4. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    100% and Mario would kill it in recruiting too especially Florida and especially South Florida.
  5. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Found this interesting tidbit But over the past 48 hours, two more names have emerged. First there’s Tennessee’s passing game coordinator and wide receiver’s coach Tee Martin. The former national championship winning QB for the Tennessee Volunteers has developed into one of the nation’s best...
  6. CeJayVols

    Nephew Brandon Johnson to UCF

    Good luck to Brandon. UCF is a good school right up the street from me and has a good program too. The school is huge actually I think the largest enrollment in Florida or at least amount of students in classrooms. Parking is terrible though not enough parking so might invest in a scooter or...
  7. CeJayVols

    '22 FL S Anthony Rose

    Sean Taylor size at safety
  8. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Marrone sucks and so does freakin Bill O'Brien both NFL rejects or Chadwell or whatever his name is. Go get a winner that will create excitement again in the program and recruiting.
  9. CeJayVols

    QB Coach Replacement

    George Whitfield
  10. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Hopefully we can do better than O’Brien but I don't put anything past our Admin and boosters. They have proven they can't hire winners!
  11. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Freeze = Yes Napier = Maybe Chadwell = Hell No Franklin = Yes Bill O'Brien = Hell No Gus = Yes
  12. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Hit up your neighbor Michael J to throw some $$$$ in also. Lol JK MJ got a beautiful new course in Hobe Sound. Drones brings you beers and carts go 35 mph. That's awesome! Bear Club pissed off MJ so he built his own.
  13. CeJayVols

    One more coaching hire.

    You read into it wrong. My whole point is we can't keep firing coaches every 3 years. No coach in America would come here like this with no job security and neither will recruits and trust me other coaches WILL use this in the recruiting process. I do think a change needs to be made at OC and...
  14. CeJayVols

    One more coaching hire.

    Yea Huge Freeze will solve everything! LOL GTFOOH Remember when Clemson fans wanted to fire Dabo and Notre Dame fans wanted to fire Brian Kelly last year?
  15. CeJayVols

    Pruitt CAN be fired, buyout not a problem

    Nobody is getting fired. We need a QB. All our QB's are terrible and need major development. Mauer and Strout need to transfer after the year to a lower division and keep Bailey only for now and if he doesn't pan out we can over recruit him.
  16. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    good fight with the Gators and Missou right before half. Some good punches thrown!
  17. CeJayVols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    DL line coach fired! WTF
  18. CeJayVols

    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson

    Honestly, I like Jacurri Brown from Valdosta lots better. That kid can ball and he is big and be in the 225-240lb range in college.

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