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  1. LittleVol

    Something You Should Know About James Franklin

    Kids are still going to come play at UT. So you NEED the best proven coaches available to attract and coach the best talent available. We're in an age were kids some kids are opting out of entire get ready for the NFL. It's a very passive approach that could cripple us even more -...
  2. LittleVol

    Who starts at Runningback this fall ?

    it depends on the new OC. Evans and Brown are the top pure RBs next season imo. Beckwith is a freak that can play RB, TE, WR. Imagine a Kyle Pitts like TE than can also line up the backfield and run off tackle. I'll go with Beckwith and Evans with Brown in 2021 Then Evans and Brown with Small...
  3. LittleVol

    Something You Should Know About James Franklin

    he wouldnt need 4 years. 2 years and were playing for the SEC east. Year 4 were possibly in the playoff , beating Smart and Mullen.
  4. LittleVol

    Something You Should Know About James Franklin

    And what about the 2022 class? Very few of them- especially in-state guys- aren't going to commit. You can't put a program through an entire off-season plus the next football season through that kind of uncertainty. After the roster has already suffered significant losses, that would basically...
  5. LittleVol

    Who's Worse? Schiano or Franklin

    And you posted all that to say what? There is nothing incriminating there...just conjecture mostly.
  6. LittleVol

    N865UT is in NC *edit atl *edit now at TYS after a long meeting

    I want Freeze, Franklin, or Chadwell. But Elliot would be okay if not them.
  7. LittleVol

    N865UT is in NC *edit atl *edit now at TYS after a long meeting

    2 hours away from Clemson. 2 hours away from NC State ( Raleigh) And Will Healy
  8. LittleVol

    Darnell Wright Leaving?

    Remember 2020 status is same for 2021 LT - Cade Mays 6'6 320 Jr LG - J Spraggins 6'3 315 Fr C- Cooper Mays 6'3 295 Fr RG - J Carvin 6'5 310 Jr RT- K Calbert 6'5 330 Jr Not a bad starting lineup but man we're thin. Lost: Smith Kennedy Wright Morris Johnson...yikes And FRIEND (good thing)
  9. LittleVol

    Frank Reich

    Heck of a coach. But he's 59 years old and he seems well entrenched in the NFL lifestyle. He has zero college experience. I can only think of Herm Edwards that made the jump at such an age. No doubt his resume is impressibve.
  10. LittleVol

    I just hope white doesn’t try to get...

    THANK YOU. Its not even about him being a good coach because he is. But you cant build a program around somebody like that...if he's jumping with his "heart" all the time. You will never have a stable culture with Lane. Because he is not settled.
  11. LittleVol

    What languages do you speak?

    Eu falo um poco de Portuguese. The Brazilian variety. Similar to Spanish. And French. Their "T" are pronounced as a "Ch". Hablo espagnol as well. Tagalog rin. Took years of French but have not used since 2017? When I was at resort in the Philippines. A Canadian student was there and she...
  12. LittleVol

    What languages do you speak?

    Tudo bom👍
  13. LittleVol

    NFL coach is what we need

    Why? You wrote a whole lot, and explained nothing. Not one thing.
  14. LittleVol

    Austin Price on the Locker Room Show says

    Not even close... They both coached at SMU but that's it. FTR I don't want him. But he's definitely a better HC that Morris was.
  15. LittleVol

    Austin Price on the Locker Room Show says

    So...Freeze then?
  16. LittleVol

    Napier waiting for the perfect storm

    Saban rejuvenated Kiffin's career. Kiffin has admitted to that many times. And even calls Saban his mentor.
  17. LittleVol

    Jerod Mayo talks Tennessee football

    Yes he's already interviewed for a HC NFL job.... But i guess it's lower stakes in the NFL?
  18. LittleVol

    When will you start to freak out?

    Elliot will be announced supposedly, tomorrow
  19. LittleVol

    Alabama targeting Jay Graham??

    Gotta hold on to Jay if we can

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