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  1. LeBleu

    Anyone else hitting F5 as much as they breath since this all went down?

    That sounds entertaining, I should go there. lol
  2. LeBleu

    Anyone else hitting F5 as much as they breath since this all went down?

    The suspense is killing me, and I want to assume it will be a lame hire but UT is doing what it's supposed to right now. Can't wait till this is done, hopefully by Wednesday like some are assuming.
  3. LeBleu

    White Targeting "Offensive Minded" Coach

    Wait... so we hire an AD that is on a career long hot streak for choosing winners and we've already wiped that from our memory banks based on some speculation?
  4. LeBleu

    Official: Danny White hired as AD

    Don't know which is more impressive, the hire, or possibly the most positive thread I may have seen here?
  5. LeBleu

    Rodney Garner may be next

    Not much different then the real reporters any more though.
  6. LeBleu

    Big Kat Bryant commits

    It's like the losses this season and certain doom, going into the offseason, but still getting good recruits/transfers is echoing the 2019 season. So many ups and downs... Can we just level out please? lol
  7. LeBleu

    If Vols dropped football what team would you follow?

    I would have to default back to LSU
  8. LeBleu

    Who correctly breaks Pruitt firing/staying.

    I assumed ya'll would be at 100% with Hyams, He breaks every story. or should I have waited about a month after this thread was dead to post this?
  9. LeBleu

    Will we be allowed to have Spring practice?

    We covidly invite you to attend the Spring game.
  10. LeBleu

    Pruitt to Texas as DC ??!!

    I'm an insider ( inside my house ) and this is who their talking about. Nothing to see here.
  11. LeBleu

    In JGs four years i wonder if any coaches told

    Well..... too late to care now.
  12. LeBleu


    You're yelling about people deciding where to enroll... Maybe relax, since it's out of your control bro.
  13. LeBleu

    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    Forgot what they said the the R.F. but could be us, Clemson, maybe GA or FLA I think is what's been speculated.
  14. LeBleu

    '21 AL WDE Dylan Brooks

    Well, I guess that answers a couple of questions.. Looks like Pruitt is staying, and @rikberry31 was right. I'll take my captain obvious trophy now please.
  15. LeBleu

    Cade Mays returning per Jimmy Hyams

    The only bad gumbo is no gumbo. . . . so far. lol
  16. LeBleu

    What makes UT attractive?

    Plus It's a cool and unique tone when you see it in nature, plus everyone loves that tone of orange when designing/painting mechs.
  17. LeBleu

    Running backs

    Rumer has it, that he's not playing another snap this year.
  18. LeBleu

    ART/CREATIVE THREAD ( all skill levels welcome )

    @FrankenVol54 it's not a gothic novel but close enough. lol
  19. LeBleu

    Rumor - JT Shrout may be entering transfer portal [official per Pete Thamel]

    @DeerPark12 Does the recent transferring students help with possibly needing some room? Or is there a need for more room?

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